Today’s video is a story time! I am going to tell the story of why and how I quit my 9 to 5 office job to become a full time artist, the hardships and considerations of my decision, and also some tips if you are thinking of doing the same thing! 🙂

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MsPopo81 says:

Yep worst case scenario happened to me when I quit my job to be an artist,lol. Drove across Canada, homeless living out of my car, broke,lol. My conclusion for now is an easy job at night, artist by day 🙂 don’t be scared to quit though,lol. It taught me so much, lol.

Mariella says:

Ha, 24’000. See you in 20, art career!

Daniel Allen says:

Wish I made this choice when I was younger

Everlark Stars says:

Honestly I’m so glad I found your video. I’m about to start my second semester of college and I wanted to work on getting into med school, I always loved the idea of healing people and being a doctor and I still do but I don’t want to do it now and end up not having time to enjoy my life at this moment from all the studying and working that being a med student requires. Art has always been who I am and how I find myself but I have always been told that art won’t make money and I’ll have an unstable income, but your video made me feel more secure in choosing art even though it is really scary but risks are important in life.

theeachuisge says:

What about the taxes? How does it work at whete you live? Thanks.

Julian says:

Please publish my subtitles (Spanish)! 🙂

Ali EL Marnysy says:

You look so cute btw ^^’

Donna Osborn says:

I went with option 1, 25 years ago. I’m close enough to retirement to hit it with a stick. I feel that you made a better choice. But there is still hope for me to go before retirement. I have enough saved to get by If I get laid off, so the idea of “I can quit if I want” is making the day job more tolerable. so my choice is one year or 10 years.

Pika Bamboo says:

WOOOAAAAH YOU HAVE A FUCKING 1000$ PER MONTH?? I HAVE FUCKING 50$ TO SURVIVE PER MONTH so good luck you dont have it the worst

Joanna Lizotte says:

Completely understand the thought process and you’re so pretty and original

gajaanan1 says:

Interesting to learn abt you.. I can draw from reference but can’t get ideas in mind, any suggestions…

Anastasia Catas says:

thumbs up is also saw a white cat!

Sidy Kuro says:

Im in love guyz

Brian Joyce says:

Give yourself two years? I’ve been an artist for twenty years, never made a penny. And it must admitted, I know things about painting that maybe fifty people in history have ever known.

Josephus Bartin says:

You’re so pretty! and this comment is irrelevant 🙂

Trinley Tenzin says:

first of all your amazing and made me remember my nephew. cz he is little similar to you.

my name is Trinley. I live in toronto and working in hotel. so don’t make enough money to support my nephew. but i want to support and bring him to toronto from Nepal and let him become full time artist like u in Canada.

his story is he was fail in grad 10 but so good at drawing. self taught artist i would say.

so, can you give us some advice ? Thank you.

Robert Lam says:

Wish I knew my passion or dream job so I could pursue it. You should make a video about finding your passion 🙂

lunatiksAlterEgo says:

I feel like im a the crossroads of my life right now. I hate my current job and i know im talented. I definitely needed to see your video.

PresentMoment InnerWorld says:

AWESOME! Happy D. Artist! thank you.

6 years of being employee and the year 2015 i decided to become a full time artist.
Now I’m really happy, it’s a good decision i made. 🙂

Oscar Soto says:

Any websites u recommend????

Lorena Garcia says:

Thank you for this .. literarily needed to hear this today , I’m also a tech major and have been in the tech career for 2 years . I’m about to graduate this year and just started taking my art seriously .. I’ve sold a couple of pieces already and it’s really given me the confidence but not yet to quit my job . Again thank you , I’ll be taking your advice and saving money until I am ready to branch out

Judi Christopher says:

I love the way you expressed your love for ART…
I hung on every word… and totally agree with you
(I’m an Art Teacher) wanting to break away and just
sell my Silk Scarves and Greeting Cards…
Thank YOU soooo much for sharing this Beautiful
… Note: I don’t know what that ‘sound’ was in the
background.. but it was distracting…

Shaquil Chowdhury says:

People read rich dad poor dad to build a passive income and follow your passion!
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – Audiobook


Perpetuant says:

Can you do cartooning?

nagraj navali says:

Ya you did great… now b with me full time life..

Paulino Sensei says:

Congrats again to your success. I can relate in every way and then some. I, too, have been able to do what I love full-time for the last 20-years. It’s a marathon for sure, so there are no shortcuts, only short breaks in between projects, and back to the grind.

“Nobody can tell you if what you’re doing is good, meaningful or worthwhile. The more compelling the path, the more lonely it is.” (Hugh Macleod)

Hamster Big says:

Do you make comic? And where do you upload your arts for money? Love your arts by the way.

Schwebewesen by Romina Lutz says:

You really speak directly from the heart, so authentic and exactly the way it is! Thank you so much for this video and your inspiring thoughts!!

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