DAY 1: Matt and Thomas make a splash painting and attempt to sell it to art galleries…
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“Good morning thieves” by Choses Sauvages
“Go” by Café Racer

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Producer: Andrea Pecatikov
Director: Matt Dajer
Cinematographer and agent: Ammar Kandil
Host and Editor: Thomas Brag


pragas channel says:

You should put a peace symbol in the middle of the artwork in colors assorted with black, grey or red.

If it’s equipped with a logo or a symbol.
I’m sure it will catch eyes of people.!

What do you think?
Channel yes theory?

ossama elbannaoui says:

are you guys in montreal

fatgabe says:

Ill gladly give u $20 for it

MR. MFK says:


English Made Easy says:

Yes theory is like clickbait but you actually got what you expected

Alpha says:

Why does matt look way older, but carl looks way younger than usual

Shashank A says:

Why don’t they have 10 mil subs yet

blair reay says:

It’s better than some of the most famous pieces of art out there, I was surprised when no one actually bought it.

Golden God says:

Yo bro what you doing do stupid shut up dude dude might get a mike there and yeah that’s fine Siri shut up boo-boo poo poo poo do do

Angel Cruz says:

It’s a victory!!!

Lavenia Hewes says:


Emil Lehmuskoski says:

swedish faggot

nicola morin says:

You are in Montreal Hein Hein.

Κωνσταντίνος Βρυσιώτης says:

Am I the only one who want to read this paper down below the painting at the last store?

Irene Davo says:

Where is it now? November 2017?

AndyDrew Twitter AndysPixels says:


Peng Wind says:

That is a cool artwork.

Da1NonlyLuis says:

Buried life

Madison Cutshaw says:

*i live in a truck man*

Nemo TDC says:

Hey ammar i am egyption and i just wanted to know are u a muslim btw i am

Autistic_-_Pepperoni says:

4:51 “sex shop”

TheMightyWog101 says:

Could someone please explain to me why they are so scared? I think I missed something

Camden Yinger says:

I sold my art at a herb and tea store when i was 8. And i fuking suck.

Bratona Thetoner says:

I paused it at 5:00 just so I could come comment “I live in a truck man” then first comment I see is of the same calibre…

Muhammad Axel Valeri says:

fuck. wish i could do that with my bestfriend.

qazmo3 says:

I didn’t knew you actually live in Montréal. We should chill soon guys 🙂

Nida B says:

Where does he say he lives in a truck

Payson Winters says:

Love u guys LMA000 BOII

Tommy Bo says:

Who else is currently binge watching Project 30?

lilyy says:

is it still there?? can i go see itt?

Blutz Waves says:

They probably paid the store to hang up that turd

Christoph says:

I’d buy

Lapi s says:

Project: make a panting and sell it to an art gallery.

Video: flicks paint on a canvas, doesn’t sell it, doesn’t get in a gallery, automatically checked off the list for “we completed it”

deo ofiaza says:

Im so late just watching this now

Stupid Commenter says:

Do a pyramid scheme video, that or an insurance fraud video

Prezydent Kucz says:

Awesome channel greetings from Poland 😛

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