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Vickee Yang says:

yessss. Say no to bots!!!

Danielle King says:

OMG God bless you for this! As an aspiring beauty guru I definitely needed to hear this. Thank you for your wise words. I wish you all the success and abundance that life has to offer you. P.s I love your hair! You’re so pretty!

Shelby Cherie says:

EXTREMELY HELPFUL!! ISo inspiring. It was the perfect amount of time. Thanks for sharing.

abari.v.theworld says:

This is why I love your channel! Your advice is always helpful and all your videos are original! I love your work!!

Beau J says:

Wow.. just wow

Shalonda H. says:

And let the church say “AMEN”! Blessings sis!

Kita Manga says:

Girl, you gotta start doing some lookbooks! You always look so fucking outstanding

Samaiyah says:

Also, “Luck is just opportunity meeting preparation” wowwww

Pretty Nici says:

I just looooove you!

Traline Denita says:

Love ALL of this!!! ❤️❤️ It seems simple enough to be yourself and it will help you grow…right?!? BOL@ musty boys!!!

Jessica Cantu says:

Wow! This is truly inspiring. I want to build my own brand in the near future and this is perfect timing. Thank you, pretty lady!

sushmita grewal says:

Love love absolutely loved this video ! Helpful tips

Samaiyah says:

“would you ever date a musty ass guy with halitosis who isn’t about shit?” sis that SENT ME LOL!! Great video!

UniquecornYania says:

I feel like I will have a problem at the “give no discount” thing and the “think what will be the return of your investment and not the cost of the investment” cus I feel really really bad when my money just went to nothing thats why I always think will this worth the money I’m going to invest? And my anxiety ass always answers a *big fat NO*. Not just in entrepreneurial things but also to everything I always imagined the worst case scenario that it ends up of me not doing anything. I hate myself. I hate this kind of thinking. I know I’m not going anywhere with this kind of thinking. Plus add that damn anxiety. And for the don’t give discount everyone around me said to sell your things to a lower price first even tho you put lots of effort in to it, they’ll say “lower down your prices, no one will going to buy your thibg and you’ll go bankrupt”. Maybe they said it bcos of the situation of my country (a very poor country) or maybe they indirectly saying that I still don’t have own a brand, like its not a famous brand its still a newbie to the business world, and it don’t deserve a “high” price. Ghatdamn idk, I never have a continuous “business” I alwayd jump from one thing to another. Thinking what will help me fast, what will give me an income fast cus I really need it. And I’m very aware that its not immediate thing. You know like its a fast process. You cant see the results immediately. I’m very aware of that but I can’t stop to think “well I need something that will give me a result fast”.

Idk typing this just makes me realize how bad I am at English and how desperate I sound. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

But I still love your channel and everything you say. I always take/ consider your lessons/tips in real life and made me really think.

I love youuu and I’m really looking forward for more videoa with this kind content ♥♥

Vern Martin says:

Thank you so much for your raw truthful advice.

Ena_ _We says:

I wouldn’t go into the details of my present situation but this advice is gold atm, new subbie here. Thanks for the inspiration

HalimahNia says:

GIRL you were teaccchinggg on all levels in this video!

Aura Rodriguez Gomez says:

lmaooo halitosis

sushmita grewal says:

Loved the tips that we tend to ignore

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