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Hi Guys! These are five tips I’ve compiled to help you get started with selling art online. I’ve been selling art online for 3 years and these have really helped me so I wanted to share them.



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The Psychedelic Cherry says:

how long was your art on etsy before you got your first purchase?

musicisbrilliant says:

Great info, great accent! Thank you!! Where exactly are you from?

Nahrain Michael says:

Thank you so much Katie for sharing this!

L Cecka says:

Your presentation really is beautiful

sam kumar says:

Am sam from india
I having some sketches..
How to sell ..plzz let me know…

emerson revolutionary arts says:

thanks for your ideas that is pretty awesome and tru

Nat als says:

Do you have to be a specific age to sell art

Sofia Lq says:

You are like…. so gentle! And i love your hair, new fan right now, and a subscriber! And amazing tips!

Kacper Gilka Art says:

Guys I have some question cause I have a problem.. Right now I’m using teespring as my “store” with t-shirts and prints etc. but I’m not sure is that the best way? Can you give me some advices which site I should choose to sell prints and t-shirts? Thanks in advance !

Nic lasell says:

Trying Etsy! ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

Larenta Fox says:

You remind me of Luna Lovegood

Jessalyn Bertone says:

Thanks for the video, Katie! Just getting started and it’s so intimidating!! Your shop and social media are a great inspiration. =]

laudem lucifer says:

hi! thank you for this video! I’m new to your channel so if you already answered i apologize in advance but I was wondering, do you sell your art online as a “full time job”? also did you go to art school? thank you!

Joseph Adams says:

Great video great art

Bruce Brackett says:

great video and great advice! I would love to see the presentation video

Syster Yster says:

Thank you for the tips! And also I have to say that you’re one of very few people who can look really good in pale pink. 🙂

musicisbrilliant says:

How much money do you make from art every month? Will you share that with us?

Jacobo Hernández says:

Buen video!

ed roger says:

‘Cause once you got a theory of how the thing works
Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first
-Mike Shinoda

Terry Sita says:

I don’t agree that all of one’s paintings should have a similar look. I do everything from portraits, to street scenes, Tango dancers, religious paintings. I think being able to all these types of paintings is an asset. I can also do paintings from photos people bring me.

Naomi Jayne says:

Super helpful!

Rania Amallah says:

I’m 12 years old. Could I still do commissions?


i am a 17 year old boy and i want to sell my art piece but i dont have many drawing…

ZiggyLu 2022 says:

Wow. This was great. Thank you!

Alexius Lovett says:

Should a person sell their originals? And if not how would one go about copying their artwork to see multiple prints?

Lisa Geddes says:

Ive just recently started my fb page 🙂 within a week I got my 1st commission <3

Kylie Maree says:

Fantastic video. Thanks x

michael Anthony says:

Your “Shop Window” tip…
The wall behind you, where you are displaying some of your paintings, looks pretty bad.

maddog says:

you must be best of the best to sell art sweetheart, you have a long way, your shit looks like fingerpainting

Lorand Sipos Fine Arts says:

Visit me, how I sell, thx:

Tianming Liu says:

isn’t she cute?

Stuart MacInnes says:

A delightfully informative presentation thank you.

Mackenzie Draws says:

Thanks for the tips! All were super helpful!

Queen Shy Art says:

This was an awesome video. Thank you so much!!

Vampfox illi says:

Really Genuine. Thanks alot.

anna c says:

thanks for sharing your advice. your work is lovely

Ray Corlux says:

Thanks so much Katie, that was lovely 🙂

The Bluest says:

What about patreon?

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