Starting a Podcast, Making Money as an Artist and other Stuff – ASK KESH V3

Here’s another Episode of ASK KESH VOLUME 3.
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Pen – Pentel pocket brush pen


Thanks for all the lovely fan art. Please post them to # keshfanart on Instagram 🙂


TheWelshie 12 says:

What pencil case do you use? #AskKesh

Olivia Margrett says:

You have a very good personality and ideas! 😀

DE CD says:

You don’t have one style you have many and this video shows that!


From which college did you get your education??

Class Clown Animations says:

Love your vids

Soul of Death24 says:

Can I get some followers on my new art page on Instagram is @ninart24

akhil raj says:

Reminds me of rajini gand

Toma Neculcea says:

Are you a subscriber to T-sereis?

K N Ajit says:

92 comments within 1 minute?

bayy mayy says:

would you ever do a video showing all of your art from where you first started to now?

SJ ARTS says:

From which country you are

Shankrish Cube Tube says:

How do I draw art like you?I’m 13 and I’m inspired Alot by your art,first I tried sketch pen art then sketching and now I’m trying art on my phone..I just can’t seem to do art like you…Please answer in your next video!

VBArt says:

Which set of Polychromos are you using in the video? (the number of pencils)

spaz says:

Kesh love you vids so much please can you draw something for me contact me on whatsup:+14211347

mythreyi 22 says:

Can u review your wacom tablet pls cos pen tablets especially wacom is one of the expensive brands. And you mentioned that ur wacom is less than 100 bucks . Pls review your bamboo tablet . Pls. Btw your style is unique and i love it .

Nephtalie Albert says:

Just like you Kesh I’m developing the world of my comic series before jumping into it because it’s just like you said comics take time to do and I’m working at my own pace.

abcd abcd says:

Kesh bro… Do one video in tamil !!! If you could !

usha dorairaj says:

Please upload a “ how to” video of your rajnikant caricatures

Rajani Katkam says:

Rajini style

JESSE Art says:

Can u draw Bumblebee (realistic)?

High score says:

It’s a very nice drawing of superstar

Diffup says:

Your advice and personality is the reason I absolutely love you. I wish more people would watch your videos as the information you give is hecka good.

The Drawing Gamer says:

Very good video really liked the drawing and you’re soooooo confident in your videos I love it

Al At says:

You should collab with vexx

Eli Holt says:

Can you make a video on how to battle lack of inspiration?

love your drawings btw

the space noodle says:

the artistic forks sounds like a sick indie band

Mithun Raj says:

Thala rajini

krishna Poddar says:

which type of sketch box u use please telll me

Pinak Ahlawat says:

than for killing my name 🙂

Hawk ! says:

What is the name of your red sketchbook

słodziutka panda robiąca dab says:

Hello Kesh! I just love your style.
Greetings from Poland

karthik Rao says:

You are famous inare class the art lover

Tumas Turtle says:

The person that you’re drawing’s hair looks hard, must be applying too much hair gel I guess. Anyways love your work

ქ ქ says:

Can you do a tutorial?

Steeliebob says:

Hé, I don’t comment usually but just wanted to say you’re a cool guy. Your enthusiasm is certainly contagious. Not to mention you’ve improved a lot since I’ve first saw you drawing here on youtube. 🙂

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