I discuss whether there is a right or wrong type of art style and what is art?

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Holly Perry says:

What a comeback! Beautiful piece!

AdrianaGaming07 says:

I did not watch the video, but im commenting on the thumbnail and title. *No art is wrong, its just art, even a scribble is “art” but no art is wrong. Just saying.*

Julia Holsapple says:

I think clip art gets a lot of flack too.

Akhil KK says:

This is a great video! Photorealism is what I do the most and many people comment that it’s not really art as it is not creative!

Cream of the Crop says:

I like painting without a plan too sometimes, it’s fun n and relaxing kinda like a break

abbie rooney says:

3:19 says she dont like abstract art while painting a purple pace lol x

Soni Karin says:

Lets all pause at 2.10 and appreciate that duckface

iiPinky AndCuddlesii says:

I like my art style ma’am…

E Varg says:

Really turned out great!

Shanan Madak says:

Creating something out of nothing is art!

Flame Alligator says:

I love this piece. Your flow and fix rendered great results. She looks Cosmic. 😀 On the topic, I couldn’t agree with you more about art styles.

Darkvine says:

I feel plain realism for the sake of realism is missing something personal, like it is an exercise drawn by a robot or something, but as soon as it has a personal touch it becomes self-expression and feels like art :p

Ari Elle says:

Just from you going down the list of things ppl say isn’t art, nothing would be ‘art’ if we listen to them lol.

Chante Moody says:

I love your videos. Your artwork is amazing, your accent is nice, and you seem to be a lovely person. 🙂

Ricardo Lopes says:

That drawing is insanely inspiring; love the combination of materials and the overall composition… saved to my list of references.

Cream of the Crop says:

Love your accent

Suchandra Biswas says:

name the type of white pencil you are using on water color.. it would be helpful

Boreal E says:

How marvellous ! It looks half humain half galaxy ❤️❤️❤️

Owl Feather says:

My personal view of art:

Art is anything you create with your hands that connects to an emotion or meaning. Art is just shapes, for every single style, it’s all shapes on a basic level. Some have to do more with emotion, some have to do with anatomy, some have to do with printing your mind and creations, some are building and shaping with your hands.

In my opinion, no art is good or bad, because it’s just that. It’s just art. Art isn’t supposed to look “good”, because it’s *art*. It’s a subjective thing. It’s like saying that water can’t be solid or a gas. Water can come in many ways, whether liquid, solid, or gas. It’s still water.

Drawing Disciple says:

Art is Art

Brenduh : says:

So, I have a question. How do I get better? I practice. It helps. I’m just not really happy with my art. Sure, I have prismas and copics and artists loft, but I’m broke. I’m only a kid. I didn’t know what to do, so I just got ibispaint x. It’s amazing, I just need professional advice.

Axol The Axolotl says:

One thing to blame with it comes to Cartoon/manga styles (and antro to an extent) is the Animation Age Ghetto.

Megz Elizabeth says:

Could you make a video about what kinds of art would be beneficial for specific jobs in the art industry?

Zoile's chanza says:

Painting,singing,dancing, writing are all forms of art it is a way we express ourselves like every thing else we do in life.

Prateek Verma says:

3:00 did she played holi

Julia Game says:

I am a digital artist, and I envy those who can draw realistic stuff, especially traditionally. Also digital art can be hard. It was in fact today when a mistake of hiding layers and saving as a png made me lose most of the sketching and all of the color. Plus it was a commission! Also I used to be obsessed with Jackson Pollock. He made paint-splatter art and it takes a lot of skill to do something like that. I speak from experience, as I tried it out with my mom. It doesn’t look so good.

Ludmila Manna says:

I think you conveyed your message really nicely and in a really sympathic way. 🙂

Brenduh : says:

I draw cartoons on my phone…. OOOPS! lmao… My art is absolute and utter crap, but I’m proud. It’s my style, and I don’t give a shit if others don’t like it. Btw your art is beautiful.

Missy Me says:

You made something magical from nothing.

C O L D H E A R T says:

digital art is hard you put a lot of energy for days or sometimes even moths I do digital art more then any form of art because it’s more comfortable

Happy Kitty says:

This is beautiful I love it!

Flowey the Flower says:

Im 12 and when i was 10 there was this art competition that can get your art shown in an art gallery called the world of glass and u can get other prizes. Ur art stays there temporarily and my art got in i didnt win but getting my art shown there was a big enough reward. I was so happy

Nicole Brown says:

Great video! I have found it hard to be confident in my at now that I’ve left my art school and am no longer surrounded by artists daily, but listening to your tutorials and perspectives is really refreshing, and I find your way of describing and forgiving people to be very calming and makes me feel relaxed and happy, which helps me feel comfortable to get back into drawing again. So thank you!! xxx

Dragon Born says:

wow…. your voice is beautiful

Aleah Dodson says:

I love your art style, it’s beautiful particularly this painting, the colours are so lovely, it’s stunning

Spinny Artsy says:


Guiarte - says:

At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, but and the end I really liked how it finally turned out and became a kind of “Cosmic Portrait” of yourself. Congrats!

Crucibelle says:

Hello! This is such a gorgeous artwork! I really, really love this. I’m personally not a fan of what’s known as ‘photo-realism’, but I love ‘realism with a twist’, kind of like what you did here. 😉 You know, what is strange, is when a person excels at a particular type of art, but it’s a type they don’t really like. That is my dilemma. I am really good at drawing anime, Disney-style, and basically any sort of cartoon style. I can draw realistic things, too.. but that bores me. What I really love to do is abstract art, mixed media collage and textures (textures, as in faux marble, stone, jewel-stones, fabrics, etc). Unfortunately, when I was a kid just starting to explore art, I was taught that realism was the only legitimate form of art. Even though I logically know that is not true (now that I’m older and more informed), I am still negatively effected by what I was told.

I truly believe that abstract artists get the most hate. Almost everyone is impressed with a person who can draw or paint realistically. But I know we’ve all heard people say “a kid could do that” when observing an abstract artwork. Recently, I was extremely disappointed and disheartened by the reaction of the general public over the auction price of a gorgeous (IMO) Jean-Michel Basquiat piece.

On the flip-side of the matter, I have heard that art schools tend to devalue realism and have more appreciation for the abstract. I can’t be certain of that, as I do not have first-hand experience. But, I have watched YT videos by current art students who say that they have endured this bias.

In any case, I love all your videos.. anything you chose to upload is fine with me. 🙂 Your tutorials have helped me immensely. Thank you so much!

Vaas Monternago says:

their is nothing wrong with IT!

Ron says:

Art is quite subjective, yet over the years I have found that the different styles all have there place. Each of us can learn something by expanding our horizons and trying something new. It just might take you down a path of outstanding creativity in your art.You piece is perfect in its own right and I can enjoy and learn from it.

Rachel M says:

Wow, love this painting! Art-style all comes down to motivation. Would I WANT to draw Anime? Well, no. But I respect it as an art-style. It’s also about finding your level, and being realistic about your abilities. I wish I could produce work like yours – but I can’t………yet! I travel my own road, but I do watch the scenery!!

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