10 Legit Ways To Make Money As a Teenager [In 2019]

In this video, I will show you 10 ways that you can make money as a teenager or as a kid in 2019. Hopefully, you can take at least one of the ideas presented in this video and expand upon it to earn some money. If you found value in this video, be sure to subscribe to the channel!

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mades games says:

I do my friend homework for 2 bucks


hey, what do you do? _”I wash windows”_

Mr Maskman says:

Wait what “there aren’t that many podcasts out there” was this video shot in 1943

Im Handsome says:

legit im a 14 years old

John Doe says:

I taught the add was the video

Prativa Neupane says:

selling weed in locally more profitable than others.

mrcole alfred says:

Globalcyberaids com just sent us a hack transfer

Frank Fitzgerald says:

Can I just be a male prostitute

lukas nilsson says:

a lot of these ways dosen’t work in Sweden

WoofSune says:

How are u supposed to sell stuff online without a bank account

Yash Pandya says:

Hey wait I saw your brother

Thomas Frandrick says:

Lutherangrants/org helped me with a grant of $35,000 to finance my business .They are awesome .

Ice swallow Come says:

Steal things then sell them

Suck My dong says:

Or you just sell drugs

John Perry says:

Wow thanks to globalcyberaids com for they just transferred $40,000 into my account

Eunique Woods says:

I do $5 art portrait commissions and I’m having trouble with people buying it. Not trying to be cocky but I’m really good at drawing people and most people pay much more for a drawing of themselves. if anyone is interested my IG is @niqsart .

Ashley Stivers says:

this is probably the worst video I’ve ever watched you white bread crusty loser

SlothLover 68 says:

You fucking twat I literally hate you

Ian Peanøtt says:

I love this vid

Magenta Diabla says:

Selling my nail clippings for ONLY 2 bucks.. now that’s a bargain

m7md for games says:

I know i way to make even more money but im not a girl and im not a homo so i cant do it

venum-EditS says:

ahem so instead i accidentally bought drugs off the deep web and started selling them to everyone i saw at my school with scabs on their face its going well though

Sf7612h says:

Great video

AllZ44 Smaili says:


Jonathan Chen says:

Sell condoms and lubes in school

Niibba Beter says:

Be me does 10 things at once

Gets 500 dollars in one day
Why do I hear boss music?

sveze banane says:

Just buy an ounce of weed and sell 1/8 ounces. Its a hell of a profit!

KD 93 says:

Mane, i’m making 20 bucks a week for installing cracked windows.

Andrew SSGSS says:

Just sell weed kids

ThugaBubba OG says:

Its just a matter of time before rockstar will patch these glitches

Muhammad says:

Surveys are pointless.

Lauren & Nel says:


Nicholas Jusino says:

I did no. 3 like candy and the fattest teacher in my school yelled at me

Kayle Daniel says:

got a transfer from trustedfamilyhackers,wordpress,com so i can start up a good jobs and pay bills for ,my family

eanna connolly says:

Sell old stuff on eBay for more than they’re worth

Waddling Cucumber says:

Kill someone, sell their heart.
Boom, $442,000!


All of these videos are bullshit… I’m gonna start selling drugs.

Trapninjashit says:

Thanks i live in sweden i Will be trying to Buy energydrinks for 6 swedish crowns and sell them for like 10 swedish crowns or should i make it more?

Dr Sam Godfrey says:

I have been searching for a good hacker until i met with ultimateframedhackers. com they got me $10,000 without delays

Luxheri Brand says:

I am a professional video editor, but on sites like fiverr I get 0 orders. So I am stuck, any advice?

Zia Eve says:

Omg Tysm

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