For those teens who want to take their business to the next level. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me below:

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Zach Gonring says:

These are really good ideas man, some things I haven’t even thought of before!

Ben Brandon says:

this is lagit thanks for the help bro

eDude-Gaming says:

Reselling games is also good. Buy huge eBay lots and resell them as individual items.

322997am Nolastname says:

The only thing is is that you can’t really notice the difference between a professional camera and an iPhone 6s/7

Veronica F says:

hey long time no talk! midterms ugh! I like the rebrand and narrowing your target audience good for you 🙂 anyways I just had a suggestion: I’m not a teen and I started lifting about a year ago so self esteem and just having confidence has always been something I struggled with especially through my teen years. it would be cool if you talked about that, because not learning how to build your confidence affects so many aspects of your life: my college and professional life have suffered dramatically but I know if I had something that gave me self worth and made me feel valuable in my teen years, I’d be so much better off now! it’s just a thought, keep up the great work! your intentions with this channel are seriously great 🙂


Loved this one bro

Christian Noel says:

Really good stuff here, investing is something I wish I got my feet wet with when I was in my teens.

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