11 Highest Paying Teen Jobs

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We don’t need to tell you that some teenagers have made a lot of money, but the richest have done so mainly because they became celebrities through music or acting or even YouTube. Some teens have even made a small fortune as entrepreneurs. But today we are going to talk about what you might call normal jobs, things the average teen can do while working through the summer or doing part-time work as they study. Jobs that you could do and make a bit of spending money. We’ll focus mainly on the USA as that’s where most of the English language articles on this subject have been written, but perhaps there might be similar jobs in other parts of the world that also pay well. Welcome to this episode of the Infographics Show, Highest Paying Jobs for Teenagers.

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Daniel Patterson says:

Also hardware stores usually pay good

The Nitro Gamer says:

Trapping and selling that product.

Rowan Mcdonagh says:

This is so fucking helpful

LibertusHD says:

I work in a restaurant and earn 8.84€ per hour

69 Subscribers Without Any Videos? says:

12.) Be a Pewdip. Why the hell not.

DigitalDuckster says:

Almost no courses use caddies as a cart is cheaper and does it better also they almost always have an adult that’s willing

Balto - Furry Music 5k? says:

I think it is a bit crazy how they show the men doing the laboring such jobs, and women doing the other ones. I am a guy, and I would rather have a job that was portrayed by the video as a women’s job

Black Fox says:


JJ FISH says:


Onion says:

what happened to the guy that normally does the voiceover

Melissa Jimenez says:

Mc Donald’s

FishermanFan99 Driver says:

I used my pellet gun to kill rats for x$ a kill

LastEarBender says:

Hmm – so, handling a controlled substance is supposed to be a good idea for a seasonal job for teens? Not sure how great of an idea that is.



UnderTeji says:

new guy?

Edwin Moso says:

Anyone know of jobs in Santa Ana?

EpsilonGaming says:

But Summer breaks is over this is kinda pointless

Chrotanium says:

12.) Robbery

lemme.random says:

Alright, now I know what to do

PrizzBeam 1 says:

Well I guess I should be a golf caddie next summer. I could just ride my bike to work. And that $ sounds great!

AJ & Maxx A&M says:

I’m going to start a babysitting business soon I’m only charging $5.00 an hour $10.00 for two and $15.00 for 3 I’m only like 12 and already babysit my 5 month old baby brother plus I’m going to take a babysitting,cpr, ect. Class so I can learn everything and I will be certified. Plus my baby brothers babysitter for when I’m at school and my parents are at work said she can pass kids to me for the weekends if I want to make a little money. She doesn’t work on the weekends

Ean Barrett says:

I did landscaping and woodworking, only $10 an hour tho. Now I make $13.25 on a forklift. Really trying to move up from that.

Tidesupreme says:

I make 30 dollars an hour as a referee

Cormonkey Productions says:

Been reffing since I was 14. Fun stuff. Especially since a lot of parents dont know the rules lol.

ItsBlanky says:


Spaghetti cat says:

You can also sell scrap metal
It’s literally just free money sitting on the street

RagingRushersYT says:

What happened to the original guy talking?

Anthony says:

And i washed dishes at a restaurant for 8 per hour…

Hybrid Phantom says:

To get that much money as a caddy you have to be one at a rich golf course or it’s going to be less

Danky n DarkGod says:

Sub to me plz

Fariyan Ahmed says:

I don’t even work and I get 50 cents a day

Nestor Marroquin says:

That sounds good… The fact, i don’t live in U.S.A and i just get a half of a dollar/hour in my actual work, 20 dollar is just a dream for me having 18 years old 🙁

Jinx - BikeRace says:

It would have been more useful if it was made in the start of summer not the end lol

69 Subscribers Without Any Videos? says:


ShoZk says:

Selling drugs

Rusbhi Abel says:


ryan smith says:

mowing and maintaining a lawn for status reasons? maybe. OR maybe its required so the grass does not grow out of control. Without it, there would be grass and such all over the roads. C’mon now

Gabe Helfenberger says:

OMg yes! I’m starting a dog walking business and that’s included in this vid. That’s cool

KorruptKiks says:

Last year I worked with my dad in construction and used like the machines to dig up dirt, harden the ground so more dirt could be put and cleaned up trash around the area. I got around 300 a week which was AWESOME cause I was 13. Btw I stopped working after 2 weeks because this old man told me that I could get hurt which wouldn’t happen cause i wasn’t doing anything that dangerous. 6am-8am got home at 11(summertime)

Deagle Eagle says:

Summers already ending 🙁 should’ve post it earlier

J. Spring says:

Caddying is not a good job. I caddied at a yacht club/golf course during my freshman summer and I got payed an average of $20 for 10+hours of work. The old golfers treat you like crap and my friend even had a golfer who put 2 cement blocks in his golf bag as a “joke”.

I eat lots of beans for no reason says:

12. Play Fortnite

Acula Bricks says:

7:00 I can kinda confirm this because I know someone who earns £12 an hour just to walk ONE dog. On good days he walks about 12!

Caden Jacz says:

As a teen who is a lifeguard, here are some things you should know. It’s different at every pool, but for most pools be prepared for these things:
-Cleaning in and out of the pool
-Taking out trash
-Rearranging deck furniture at closing
-Working the snack bar (if there is one)
-Working the front desk (if there is one)
-Getting seriously burned sitting in the chair (wear sunblock, don’t get skin cancer at 16)
-Being covered in sweat from the heat
-“CaN I spEaK tO tHE ManAGEr?”
-Annoying ass kids who like to see you get angry
-Constant whistle blowing
-Plain old stupid people
-And of course, actually having to do your job that you trained for

RNG GODS says:

Who sells

wortel flash says:

1: prostitution

Dante Flores says:

The only reason only 40% work this summer is due to every one wanting people to have experience

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