7 Money Tips for Teenagers

OH BABY!!! 7 BIG money tips for you tweens/teens/teenagers out there. Enjoy!
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David Halm says:

Shit like this dont work in Africa

meriel says:

£0.23 in my bank account. help.

Yoshi says:

How to make money: make the video 10:03 long xD

Henry Wallace says:

I made sooo much money in high school. Unfortunately the school doesn’t allow businesses to take place in the school anymore.


thank you

EPG Playz says:

yeah fuck you sally

MrShooters5000 says:

fuck you sally

Kayla Campbell says:

boi you’re so smart!

Ur mum suck mu cannolo says:

For now i got €2.50

Malik Ware says:

Why would you mow lawns if you work at sonic?

JAG 69 says:

what kind of camera is good to start with? pls answer

BrodieExplores says:

You earned a subscriber

Fire says:

Just buy vans for $60 Ultra Boosts are ugly.

Make America great again. says:

You american teens are so spoiled I mean just as an example let me tell you about how I as a 16 year old southafrican male has to work part time well only making about 1.58 dollars an hour then I have to do school after that I have so do my daily farm work which if you had to do you would cry OK so then I have to give 60%of my money just for the chickens food and after all of that I get 30 minutes on the family computer and then I have to repeat it all so when you say that everyone wants nice shoes it is actually sad that a whole generation is so spoiled that I bet most of you lazy ass brats could not do anything if the system were to shutdown and you had to survive with out your phones and crap

Gali Hazan says:

So fucking useful please do more of these

Tearoh™ says:

yeah FUCK Sallie

Hey It’s Alexa says:

I have like 700 dollars in my savings account but I have money in my debit card and my piggy bank I don’t know how much money I have. I’m in 8th grade


thank you for all the support

Ryan Trahan says:

What’s your biggest money tip? Reply below!
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TV2016CHANNEL says:

How to make money: Make a video just above 10 minutes on You Tube

Jeshith shah says:

i make 50000 dollars in one month

Gamerboygaming says:

*Quack* you sally!

Bluezombie - For The Win says:

I subscribed because of your penny challenge

Max G says:

just put minute-long unskippable ads on your videos

MesaadGt says:

How to make money as a year 7 and 8

Reisbedrag Organisatie says:

4:33 This is so true. For everybody who is interested in this subject, make sure to look up the term ‘compounding’. Try to grasp this subject and your life will change immediately.

Gavin Suwara says:

:20 but if someone has like $1,500 that’s not an option like I have at least $1,000 but if I had done that poll I would have had to say less than $1000 because that’s probably the closest option

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