How To Make $75,000 As A Teenager (A Real Business Plan)

Do you or someone you know want to make more money this year?

In this video I’m going to show you a great way a teenager can make $75,000 this year working part-time, without a boss, and without a scammy MLM or internet marketing scheme.

This takes real WORK, but is wildly profitable if you’re a hungry, driven entrepreneur!

7 Tips For Success:

1. Do an EXCELLENT job – you’ll get referrals and repeat business. If you suck, you won’t be able to go back to the same location.
1. After a couple weeks of hustling, you’ll have more business than you can handle.
2. Ask for referrals
3. Hunt for companies with fleets of cars. This is a gold mine! You can do thousands of profit in a day!
4. Get help – hire your friends (if they’re not lazy)
5. Get some business cards –
6. Don’t over-think this or get paralysis by analysis. This is so simple. Get your product, learn how to use it, and go put in the WORK.
7. Be smart with your money. Know how much it costs you to do a car (gas, product), save, reinvest.

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Magnus Frederickson says:

What if the car has dirt on it does it still work?

Aaron Hernandez says:

This won’t work in my area. Im living in the Philippines and 1USD here is equivalent of 52Pesos. And if i ask them for 100USD it would be so fucking expensive. even if i lower it Example 50USD it’s still expensive. Normal pricing here is 2USD =100Pesos.Please any other recommendations?

Cameron Lynch says:

This may sound stupid, but what does car detailing include?

Asia Williams says:

As a teenager were you required to pay taxes and additional business cost that adults usually have to pay? How did you work through that did you need to hire a consultant or anything like that?


In my country (Bosnia & Herzegovina) the price for this offer is about 70KM (which is about 45$) and we are one of the shittiest countries in Europe. In the USA, i guess, u can make easily 50 – 80 bucks for this offer. Pozdrav!

Tim Vakulich says:

wait so how much do I charge per car?

Zach Artman says:

Hey you probably aren’t gonna read this but I have actually been detailing cars for a year. I live in New Jersey and I’m 15. In New Jersey we can’t drive until we’re 17 which limits me to just being 2 or 3 houses over for detailing cars. I have really only one solid customer, and I live in a country club neighborhood so there are lots of cars, but not sure how I could get to all the cars that are further away. Wondering if you have any reccomendations

StockerFinance says:

Great video! There is a video on my channel that shows more ways make money as a teen if anyone wants to check it out!

veriappelsiini says:

Nokia is back in the business of mobile phones. 🙂

Sam de Groot says:

Great idea! What about if you can’t drive until 18 because that’s the law in your country?

david benson says:

hi mr. my company is outside right now detailing cars , would you like to be first in line? where are you getting the water from? we don’t need water were going to spit shine it and it’s only $100 , cool I don’t know you but I will trust you with my new car go ahead , how long will it take? 30min, cool $100 for 30min , it takes me all day at this office to just pay you,

Ian Spicknal says:

Hey Chris, big fan of your content. I really liked this video it has inspired me to do this in my area. thanks!

Early Bird says:

You sure I can charge 100 for a car wash?

Mohamed Alashker says:

Please change your intro, its soooo annoying

Conner Knight says:

What about taxes Chris? All of these ideas are forms of income. How would we go about being sure what we are doing is profitable after paying for supplies, gas, tax, and paying employees?

De OnE n OnLy AnDrEw DaNg says:

I would a part 2. In the video, you should be more in depth on how to do these things.

darkside. says:

chris..I dont drive

Jason Newton says:

I was tempted to say no way this could work in the UK, ~£80?! But then I see people spending £40+/hour for a personal trainer in my gym who pretty much gives a garbage program he stole off the internet and some bad exercise form tips. I’m always torn between wanting to create a business but then realising that ethically I would feel bad about most business ideas. I want an idea that actually creates value rather than rips people off.

RezzPrezz says:

Thank you so much. I have been doing this for a month now and have made 20,000

Crit4in says:

Hey people,
how do i even hire others to do this with me? It would be more profitable for them to do this without me 😀
Please tell me where the flaw is in this assumption ^^

mike hawk says:

I really want money and I want it and I will work for it but I am very confused

Nomad Wizard says:

Won’t work in any city of less then 300K.
Companies with fleets hire kids for minimum wage…so do Detail Shops.
Maybe 50 bucks, more like $30, a car and more like more like gross $500/wk…most of N. America only have summer months u can do this…4 to 6 months full time…so u can make 10 – $12,000. On top of everything, with the bad economy there r allot of people doing these odd job things.
But, yes, u can make SOME money. Maybe more in Inflationville California.
Not saying it’s impossible, but not all that possible either.

Chris Dunn says:

There are way too many people commenting “this won’t work in my area” that have never even tried it. I’m not sure about other countries, but the pricing I mention in the video will absolutely be true in most towns and cities in the U.S. I lay out the EXACT steps for how I did this when I was 16 from a suburban neighborhood in Florida. Enough complaining… Time to take action!

Tim Vakulich says:

wait …WHAT IF I DON’T drive I’m 15

bob phil says:

What vacuum machine did you use?

Negro says:

Not trying to be negative but here in Mexico car detailing goes for a max of $25 bucks, it is good business even do profits are not that big. Thanks for the start-up man!!!

KenN says:

Im 14 and i just started my business, the ides is that i will do services for my neighborhood/community. My neighborhood is new and they are
getting new residents every week. I think it will work since people will trust someone that lives near them. I am dedicated to doing as much work as i can.

Rich Forever kidd says:

Subscribe to me and I wanna make money

Bob Winters says:

I live in Ohio and we have this thing called WINTER! Should work for about 8-9 months, but from Thanksgiving to Easter, not so much!

Danny Laurenti says:

This is a really good idea and I wanna follow through with it but would I need insurance if something happened to the car I was cleaning? And would I need a permit or something to do it?

Fred. Jay says:

Tip #6 is actually the most helpful thx Chris

Fuzey says:

Amazing way to reel in the audience at the start, Good video!

The Over Gun says:

What kind of businesses did you go to?

Mr Chillziz says:

what about the legal side and taxes please respond i want to do this but i am scared

Startale says:

cool idea, but i think the concept of your video is less “do these precise steps” and more”this is how you hustle”

i live in a really populated town that hosts a bunch of football games and i definitely think i could do a snack selling business on the streets on game night!

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