How To Make EASY Money as a kiD or Teen [5 BEST METHODS]

How To Make EASY Money as a kiD or Teen
Here are a few good ways to make money as a kid or a teen! There is also a go pro hero 4 (SILVER EDITION) GIVEAWAY! Make sure you watch the entire vid from start to finish to enter!
Instagram: @Kenyonken___ (3 underscores)
My old candy video:
Ninja Star Tutorial:
Earphones: ,,
Ducktape Wallet tutorial:


sarillo1 says:

yes i want orgom waht ever

Hack_Boii says:

Ok I finally watched it youtube

MyMrMelon says:

Ur names kenyon? My names kenyon and you are literally one of the only THREE people I have heard of with that name.

sabi world says:

I sell candy

-.- says:

Am broke so going to sell candy at my school

Maffy Craft says:

I cant belive were realated channles

Vision Kendama says:

I sold origami

Crazy Zombie says:

The first ones just messed up

Dawson Holtz says:

I used duck tape wallets

Random Stuff says:

Thank you so much! I sell the stars and the wallets and have made hundreds and hundreds of dollars!

Kermit The frog says:

You know those snack stands right. Well I set up a stand after school and my school approved of it. And me and my friends would sell them for 1 dollar and we would split the money we made after.

Tips: I recommend selling takis or hot Cheetos , those are popular at my school so yea. Also try selling candy they sell pretty will also especially sour patch kids.

Right now I’m making 500 a week. When I have enough money I’m gonna start YouTube I’m only a kid but I’m making tons of cash. Btw if your school is big and has a lot of students then you’ll be making tons a money. You’ll thank me later


This is actually the best YouTube channel ever

RedDaPlayer Kid says:

hi kenyen i use erasers to sell. i sell 8pcs for $1. at the shop is like 13 pcs for $1

atm.yxael says:

Sell candy

brethekid 123 says:

I used to sell drawing and candy

Anono_beast says:

Everybody sells wax carts at my school and make a killing off of them

RFpets 101 says:

I used to sell slime when I was in forth grade and I got a bunch of money!!!!! Haha I Sold it for a lot tho!!!!

Charlie Gamer says:


Noah C says:

I really need to make some money. I’m not old enough to get a job. I’m so tired of being poor. I have a brother that’s had 19 brain surgeries, my mom can’t work taking care of him and us. I want to help my mom, she worries all the time cause we never have enough food and always struggling. We just moved and don’t even have furniture. I just want to help my mom.

BaconHair says:

my mom gives me 1 dollar for mowing the lawn

Wael Alwarhani says:


The besties gaming says:

I make slime and a got in trouble

Aveed Playz says:

We cannot buy a Lamborghini with doing all of these meathods

Everyday Balan says:

ducktape and slime made about $300

The besties gaming says:

I want to win that camera and I’m going to start a Channel and I made slime in school and got in trouble

Tiff Antonio says:

Selling gum was the best

Rylan Dorr says:

I need to start YouTube and I am only 11

bam_ one says:

I get good vibes from your videos!!!

Pyrowolf GT says:

What a god stopped it before the 10 minute mark

Slime life DIY says:

Lemonade stands, selling slime, selling gum, and I run my own camp for kids

Ronaldo Vs Messi says:

I sell candy

FunnyComics101 Ella says:

Well, the headphones would probably not work because everybody has AirPods now a days.

Jessie Mendez says:

I used to sell fidget spinners and tape wallets

Marissimo9 says:

What do i sell if im in third grade and i have a small school but there are 800 kids there and i don’t have time to buy candy

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