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Tyqwan Price says:

Yo hairline fucked

king gamer says:

shit when i am t school i go thow peopl bags and sell it for like 20 -50 only if thestuff was good other suff i sell like for 10 bux

RunUpOrShutUp says:

Tell why u look like Bandhunta Izzy

DevinMN says:

He was selling that dope till he got sum good bread and stopped

Gold23sniper says:

I be on the block making that easy money lmaoo

Carson Canty says:

u just but

Alex 509 says:

You know he was selling packs

Neyo White says:

he fine ass fuck

Leah May says:

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Jonathan Millender says:

Spend when you have too, not when you want too

ali elmousawi says:

How do you get the shit to sell from where?

steven butts says:

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Young Vicious Reality says:

used to flip a pack now i’m flipping shit legally

Justin M. says:

No I don’t feel you. You be beatin around the bush. So it’s all about offer up.

Alex Garcia says:

he’ll nah he wassnt trapping I’ll run with yo shit on foe en em

Lol Lol says:

Do u keep talking

Amari Smalls says:

Ppreciate the vid helped alot

Crystal says:

I thought he said fat boy jay lol

Kristen Davis says:

Click the link, register, bam you already got $25. Then share your link and get $10 per person. You don’t even have to add your bank account until you’re ready to cash out!

Carson Canty says:

But can you give us this video I got $20 I’m trying to be rich

Carson Canty says:

Are you stupid

Carson Canty says:

Dumb dumb I want to see the videos

Dickson John says:

a big thanks to ethicalaid com for a successful hacked transfer after been scammed severally by others hackers

Sutton OG says:

What do u mean by chips?

Preston Barron says:

Yo HMU on Instagram @prestonbarron271 I need help to get money because I didn’t understand the video

Skeem Cam says:

Go buss u a jugg get that work off stand on frontline duck 12 sell to da junkies

Saurav Gupta says:

the presentation sucks! sorry dude…watched a minute or so…just boring…get to the point without wasting time…

kinggoodie 78 says:

It got patched

NX3S says:

Flip IG accounts good money

eGunless says:

FOllow my twitter @edflexing, I’ll follow back. Just dm saying you came from yt comments

Jobe1015 says:

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Carson Canty says:

Bro come on

Richard Neal says:

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Anthony DePalma says:

youre a straight clown brown I hope this is satire … if it is then omg your a pro

Kill3x_j6 says:

You was drug dealing

Elias Alva says:

Just work;)

Renee Halifiger says:

I need money for a new phone,my phone is so slow and stupid and the phone is $275!!!!

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