How To Make Money ($60 An Hour) As A Kid Or Teenager


What’s up guys today I’m going to share with you an easy way that you could make $60 an hour by designing simple logos, even if you aren’t a graphics designer. If you want to know how to make money as a kid or how to make money as a teen / teenager, then this is the video to watch!

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Where do you go to do the logo arbitrage? How is that process done to find a buyer then go to fiverr and pay someone to do the logo. How would you go about that? And do you tell the people who are buying the logo that you weren’t the creator of it and just say you found a creator/designer to do the work? Honesty is big with me so i can’t do anything dishonest or fake it till i make it kind of thing.

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After watching a lot of your vids my perception of your channel has changed i feel like you make these videos on how to make fast money in some of the most impossible ways the chances of you getting a company to reply with them actually needing a logo is low i feel like you give away these methods but barely do them yourself.Remeber some of us are 15 and 16 and younger and don’t have money to buy software can you make a way that isn’t confusing ,difficult,etc

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