how to make money as a teen!

how to make money as a teen!
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q: how old are you?
a: 15
q: what editing software do u use?
a: Final Cut Pro
q: are you homeschooled?
a: yes

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-xo Audrey ♡
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Michal Halima says:

Hi Audrey! How are you?! You haven’t been really active on social media so I was just wondering ❤❤❤❤

BrianasCamera says:

I have searched for a couple years now, have gotten headshots, and tried out backstage (pretty certain that it’s a scam) and I still haven’t found any legit extras or open casting calls to audition for… do you have any tips? I live near Boston. ? (:

Emlin Deli's Sweet Little Video's says:

This is so helpful! Thanks Audrey ❤️

Sarah Stewart says:

Justin Roberts who I only know Audrey hope

Lacey S. says:

You can get money from YT right?

My Queendom says:

If you’re serious about making extra cash, check out this new app that will pay you $5 just for signing up using my link. Click here and sign up guys!:

Ananya Parikh says:


Secret Magic says:

Question: im very awkward and kind of shy (but not shy at the same time lol) How can i get over my “shyness” so i can become an actor because i really want to try it

Amy Jazryn says:

I live in Melbourne, Australia and there is literally never casting calls for anything. ever.

Jazmin Gonzalez says:

Why r u so pretty

Lacey S. says:

There goes another one of my brain cells… jk lol

Mashup Dotts says:

Hi (love ur vids) I was gonna ask if u could make more videos when u go to auditions I found it entertaining I understand if it’s hard thanks❤️

Abby Gines says:

What company did you do the Disney princess thing for?

Sohrry, Im not Ayla says:

Yessss giiiiirrrrl! You always slay and i love your videos sm!!

Jackilyn Walker says:

Oml I love your laugh!

Rose1 Meghan says:


MOTION Floor Music says:

For Andi Mack extra-ing I get $101/ 12 hr day

TypicallySammy says:

i love you. thank you for everything youve helped me through so much.

Dobby the House Elf Does Harry Potter Hauls says:

I do magic on the streets

heyimgirl3 says:

Hey Audrey! Idk if you will see this, but I’m just wondering where you would recommend to tale acting classes or where to find classes near me. Thanks and ilysm!!!! <3

Laini o says:

hiii ive got an instagram, followed you and all that jazz but im an aspiring actress. i just got my first headshots, and signed with an agency and have been looking at lots of acting classes after finishing my last “set” or whatever of classes. im super excited to get back into it, and see what all’s gonna happen but i live in a small town like you so there’s not like anything near where i live film related sooo idk how that’s gonna work. anyways, is there anyway i would be able to like talk/message with you about acting and all that and whatnot? hope you had a great day<3

walking deaditor says:

I forget how far away you said you lived from Atlanta? Love your vids !

Micah Jaeger says:

Can u follow my insta

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