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Making money as a teen in high school. Is it possible? I say YES, because I’ve done it. I’m going to share with you exactly one of the first ways I made money. If you watch until the end you’ll gain so much more than that, because you’ll learn the number 1 skill that I believe is critical to making money throughout your entire life. Whether you are 12 years old, 13 years old, 14 years old, 15 years old, 16 years old, even 17 years old or even a beginner entrepreneur. My point is a teenager or not, this skill of creative thinking is vital if you want to be successful as a business owner or someone who makes money.


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✅ Digital Marketing Tutorials ►

✅ SEO Tutorials ►

✅ Pinterest Tutorials & Tips ►

✅ Amazon Affiliate Marketing ►

✅ Methods For Kids/Teens ►

✅ Motivational / Mindset ►


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JakePlayZ Gaming says:

I’ve subscribed but was wondering if there is a way I can earn I’m 13

JakePlayZ Gaming says:

Hmm I’m 13 trying to start a lawn care business any advice?

Jason AndaLLo says:

Thanks for the advice. Can i know what camera you use to record this?

Andreas Liljedahl says:

I have bern esiting for ypu to talk about cpa

Сариэль Царствует says:

How to make money from a Pornsite?

Eddie Olivencia says:

Amazing Thanks Paul:)

Skeyen says:

i will try this

abdou bar says:

can you make a video about cpa and those 2 websites and how to get started . and Thanks So much bro big up form morocco.

awras al khafaf says:

Thanks for the advice.. I love your videos

Pandax741 YT says:

Is this actualy efficient?

Conrad Thomson says:

Thanks for the advice! I’m sixteen

Technical Duniya says:

hey you didn’t answer my have posted of websites.
you said you will reply.

but when?

please reply bro!

1nteR Webs says:

so how do we actually get people to buy the product?

ouss akda says:


FROYO says:

Paul i have one question.
Why you are telling those tricks,if someone say to make money from youtube(youtube dont pay to much for “small and new youtubers”)
So why you tell those tips to people.
Those tips are so unbelievably i will try this

Mr. Mysterious says:

I wonder if this is effective?
Nothing personal…just wondering if it does work.

Pandax741 YT says:


Pandax741 YT says:

What method do you use to get your money?? (apart from YouTube)

shannon pizano says:

Straight fire as always. You the man Paul!

TheMadGamer says:

im 14 and everything u say i try and it never works im literally sitting on my ass with no money and all i want is to build a computer BUT NOTHING WORKS

Pandax741 YT says:

I love this channel!

viral editors says:

Please tell me way to automate pinster because link in that vedio is not working or simply tell name of tool you are using please help

Shariq Shiraz A says:

Paul can u check ur insta

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