HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A TEEN IN SUMMER 2017! today im showing you 7 different ways to earn money fast as a teen in the summer(without summer jobs). these things are easy but you may be able to earn a lot of money, even if you are a teenager or a kid! Let me know how you make money down below! do you make money online?

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nxght bxmb says:

imma get rich

Asmaa_ says:

Boyfrien Tag requested !!!

Victoria Scott says:

I am SO POOR, I need this! Unfortunately it’s not summer for me yet (until November), but I’m still going to do some of these while I’m at uni. I have so much unnecessary stuff, I’ve been meaning to do a big clean out and sell everything for a while 🙂

Ελλη Γαλούση says:

we want a boyfriend taaaag

Living Madly says:

oml you’re so cute, why am i just now finding your channel??

Beatriz A. says:

I wish i could be a tutor but then im awful at school so yeah

Karina Deleon says:

You get paid for cleaning your own house wtf

Camille April says:

boyfriend ouuu that means a boyfriend tagg!!!

Fatima Alvarez says:

This REALLY helped me!!

Lena & Bibi says:

I really needed this… i’m pretty broke

Kidd Cuban says:

Good video Emma , I have another way, Download the app Ibotta and use my referral code
” wyauiax ” . This app gives you cash back for products that you buy! All you have to do is scan your receipt. It works for me and I’m 14 years old so when my mom goes grocery shopping I just scan her receipts lol

ItsRebecca says:

You are such a cute and smart girl! Love you from Italy 🙂

M in between says:

this video was actually helpful often people make videos like that with some overwhelming stuff but this one is sth that i can actually try

LouisaMae says:

imma get rich (lol)

Emma Louise says:

loved this video emma! was just wondering what song you used in the background from 00:37 onwards? xo

WeeklyLucy says:

Omg Thank u so much !! There are 2 things that You said that I’m going to do 😀


You’re so pretty, I feel like a blob….

Evelyn Villanueva says:

Hey Emma! When’s the next “what I eat in a day”? or maybe (if you can) make a video about what you eat in your trip to Europe! Thanks 😀

Angel Alexandra says:

you should do boyfriend tag


I know this has nothing to do with the topic of this video, but I am in love with the way this was filmed and edited! ☾

Emma El says:

1 second in and im already subscribing

TheBig Unicorn says:

can you do a video with your boyfriend

Being Jaida says:

how do u put those light leaks on your thumbnails???

Ben Holmes says:

The thing I have a problem with the whole selling stuff online cause you need to attach a credit card and teens dont have credit cards????

SimplyMH says:

imma get rich lmao

Its Katie says:


RyleeStrings says:

You can also babysit!

Elena C says:

Giving ur clothes away doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better- a lot of places u donate clothes to they may not end up in the actual thrift stores and instead in landfills and are bad for the environment. Giving clothes away to friends or family members is really good and so is selling your clothes.

On Cloud Opal says:

This is so so helpful!!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou !!! Xx

itirkk ' says:

i asked my parents if i can get a dollar for cleaning the dishes and my mom threw me her flip flop sayig “dont be ungrateful back in the day i had to clean all the house and we didnt have fancy stuff like dishwashers”

Millie Cole says:

we have that number exchange thing at my local supermarket lol

Lilly Marie says:

I found your Channel today and I Reallöhne love it! You are a cool and inspiring person!

Loris says:


Priscilla Rose says:

I am 100%  going to have to try all of these ideas!

RyleeStrings says:

You can start an Ebay account as well! Ebay is a website where you can sell almost anything, new or used. That’s what I use and I make a pretty good amount of money.

Mohoganii Washington says:

Can you guys subscribe to my channel

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