How to Make money as a Teenager 2018

2 teenagers from different states thats are crushing it in business. Its their stories & what it takes to make money fast as a teenager.


Hayden Jumps says:

These kids need to be in ffa and get ran for a placement award for their SAE and the could win star farmer

Imperial Services says:

Great video you don’t see that to much I know three 17-20 year olds that won’t get a job at all. I had one help us shovel a flat roof with 13” of snow he called daddy to pick him up after 20 minutes

Steven Calice says:

Yo u love it ..


i do the same with my printer lmao

Creative Landscape Designs says:

Hey Stan, check out Tigran Gertz. He’s got a Landscaping YouTube channel with impressive content. I’m positive you’d like his videos!

Henry Simar says:

I live in Minnesota miles away biking distance to you love to work for you SERIOUSLY DIRT MONKEY

Nicolas Santamaria says:

You should make a video about the advantage and disadvantage of a wheel excavator

GodDamnit7711 says:

Stop talking GROSS. We need NET!

Adam MotoLandscaping says:

Stan that was an awesome Experience meeting you. I’m bummed I didn’t have more time to talk to you. I’m still not sure why you recorded me I’m nothing but a spec in the sand my friend!

I’m going to start making YouTube videos on this channel if anybody is interested in following my journey!

Add me on snap @ motolandscaping

Steven Bemos says:

Just don’t see a tattoo artist that will work to the best of his ability

Ben Colangelo says:

I started when I was 15 cutting grass with a free lawnmower my neighbor gave me. I had 3 yards my first year. 2 years later I’m 17 23 lawns truck trailer mowers etc so proud of what I made from nothing. Going to get a business education after high school and take my company to the next level

H. White says:

Love to see young people with a working zeal

Jake Kaneo says:

I’m 17 small company mow 20 yards and do tons of patios and yard installs and clean ups

JS Landscaping says:

I’m 13 and I’m predicted over 5000 dollars in lawn care landscaping

Joseph Manno says:

19 years old with commercial, residential, and government contracts projected to bring in right around $1,000,000 this year. Give or take a couple thousand

Allscape Lawns says:

All I can say is wow…. I’m struggling really bad right now and this is crazy, I need some help in this life.. lol, good for these young guys, I hope things on my go up for them.

Steven Calice says:

Great tips I’m not sure if should a lawn care , don’t want more than 15 lawns a week.

Arnold Romppai says:

38 year ago I started doing garden and lawn tilling with a 8hp troy built tiller I made so much cash I new I couldn’t hide it so I bought all kinds of equipment and got into other landscaping jobs lawn care tree cutting snow removal so much cash, I been retired now for 9 years I still have to this day the 2 troy built tillrt because you cant buy them aby more since troy built sold out now you can but troy built bt they are no were what they use to be, and never will be again, oh o never took a loan from anyone, I stated with an old push mower then bought my tiller, I bought my farm land with nothing on it when I was 18 paid cash

Anthony Webber says:

i’m 30 and make about $35,000 a year :l

Chris C says:

I’ve been waiting for a video like this.. Thank You!

Joah Harris says:

Irma bought me a new truck this year did 340,000$ 4 months put 130,000$ in my pocket 2017 dodge ram 2500 payed cash.

Grassology4610 says:

You should always finish high school

Mike Dickey says:

Tax returns or it didn’t happen

Trevsdone says:

I’m almost 17 and me and my father run a lawn care business we have over 60 properties and cut for one of the largest rental companies in the Lynchburg va area and then i also work with another landscaping company where im a supervisor

Will Davidson says:

Are you or have you done a video on how to properly write a contract for both a residential setting (if multiplex or an HOA) or a commercial setting?

blake iddings says:

You seem to be doin ok second kid but please don’t brag bout dropping out. Sounds very unintelligent

Jesus proa says:

I am in the chicago suburbs and cant seem to catch a break

Chris B says:

He had a fis world cup sweatshirt on hes doing something right

Michael Schlangen says:

very nice path to fallow

SportTube says:

Dear, Stanley I started a lawn care over the summer and earned near 3,000. Yet, my parents have decided to move to a different place. How can I start a business here, with little knowledge of the people and the competition?

J.C. O’Neill Contracting says:

I am 13 and have just brought a new jonsered mower, a new trailer and am looking at a Toyota Hilux for next year but I need to pick up more customers so if you live in central otago New Zealand e-mail me at

Marton Bagoly says:

19 years old and just bought a 2017 lariat F250. See you at the top, Stan!

Trevsdone says:

Got them and put about 300hrs on them and they started tearing

garden of egan says:

I’m 15 and I’m a fully insured gardener and free surgeon warning £600 a day

Kessler’s Lawn Care says:

I’m 16. First year just finished of mowing. Made over 25k while I’m in 11th grade!

Rufus LC says:

Great video Stan!

ScagPowerEquipment says:

It never ceases to amaze us seeing these young business owners out there making it happen!

Jordan Fleming says:

Great video i know im looking forward to this spring for some lawn work

Recovering_Californian says:

Most people’s problem is that they don’t want to put in the work yet want all the benefits of hard work. Doesn’t work that way. You know the type…they comment here all the time trying to bring down the successful to their loser level.

Nate May says:

Lawn care is completely saturated in my area, but I can unclog drains all day long for $100 a pop. Usually between 5-12 a day. Gotta find that niche where people have a need.

Vlad Pla says:

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JC'sLawnTips says:

Very inspiring, thank you for making this video!

Spoder Man says:

How to make money as a teenager : sell your sperm $965 per oz, suck Stanley’s cock for some extra cash, lick Stanley’s asshole

Michael Zeleznik says:

Damn how do these guys get their job leads? I’ve done everything from fliers to facebook ads, but only have 17 lawn mowing accounts from 6 years of mowing. I think people are scared away from my age (15)

Joe 4 Hire Lawn Care says:

Great video, I wished that I was more motivated at that age to start my business instead of chasing girls…..

Kevin Raively says:

Daddy’s money!

Jay Phillips says:

Great vid, both you guys are on a great track. I like running nice older equipment, pay yourself and then pay cash for better examples over time, say goodbye to the bank. Long as it looks sharp and runs like it should, few people will know the difference, anyway. A few scratches and a professional name/logo lets them know it’s not your first day on the job.

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