how to make money as a teenager

– You can win £5 in Walkers crisp packets so I decided to buy loads of them to try and test out if they are actually easy!

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Fatima Bhayat says:

Ily spencer❤️. Good luck on your GCSE! My fave flavour is cheese and onion

SamKingftw says:

I’m only here for Scotty

Hannah Claire says:

got a free can of baked beans lmaooooo

Holly Brown says:

your so adorable damn why are there no guys like you where I live ❤

Simply Jade x says:

How much did you actually spend on crisps ahahahahah

CP7Media says:

Fkn love doggo

theworldofjosh says:

How to loose money as a teenager?

Kyla Humphris says:

Noice xx and hey 🙂

Ben Gee says:

sick video man!:)

Eloise Warren says:


Mariam says:


Tamess7 says:

Easy money from this, I’ll be buying yeezys in no time

Megan Wood says:

dedication :)))

Fatima Saeed says:

*good video*

shawns muffin says:


Brandonio says:

liking the creativity man <3

steve ellsworth says:

I purchased 10 bags and got $15

OleoBlog says:

2:41 liking the little tribute to Carmie

Annabel Parker says:

Can you fillm doing hazs makeup x

Hannah McKenzie says:

oh my god when u said Scotty T i got so gassed loooool :(:(

No.1 Peasant says:

Lol, me and my mum tried this and it failed 🙂

Tyrene Hamilton says:

I’m your 80,000 sub

Leila Paige says:

Willy wonka sequel?

judy plug says:

You guys are so cute!! I would just buy 30 packs because i’m hungry lol #ELMOARMY

Ameliasvideosxx says:

#elmoarmy oi oi☺

Ella Watt says:

Scotty has peng eyebrows tho

Caitlin Webb says:


Owen Rumsey says:

might try doing this for a living 😉

Darren Brown says:

What’s you favourite flavour?

Владислав Матюхин says:

You can work 1-2 hours per day and earn 1000$ per month! Amazing!

alohafrances says:

2:37 those final cut effects tho

Jess Jackso says:

I hate YouTube it never let me know u posted until now kmn

ellie dornan says:

can I be on your story? ily xx

Daniel Collier says:

big jamie

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