How To Make Money As A Teenager And Not To Screw Up ( Animation )

Hey, guys and girls! What’up? It’s me,  Kate, and today we gonna talk about money. Cash. Coin. Gold. Bucks. Bottle caps. Whatever. Listen up, bros and girls, how to earn money and not to screw up!


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caren crosse says:

Who else has been searching for a video like this?

Mrnoodles 513 says:

You’re the man the most amazing person ever

Gacha Skies says:

Idk why but this is my lifeu ps. LOVE BTS FOREVER

Danny Doodles says:

You guys are making some really awesome content! 😀

King D says:


veena the avocado says:


ALI 85000 says:

Thanks Now I Can Get Free V-Bucks

Jaden Mcelrath says:

Better get to rapping or hustling like finding a job

Sim VeNuS says:

Can u do a video about bully ?

WitherPlay Pen says:

I love your channel your amazing and so coooollll
I want to met you really bad in real life
Anyways hope the best of luck to become popular

Lisa g says:

Man if I try this I hope it works.

Jien Sadek says:

I luv it!

Monika Marin says:

I sooo f love you girl you.QUALITY CONTENT 10000%

Georgina Axioti says:

you should do how to kiss a boy

akes frvr vlogs and games says:

U make me beautiful!! Thx for that!

M A R I says:

This is great I LOVE YOU

The angel Melendez says:

So awsome

Aliah Lopez says:

I love this channel and its amazing

Johanna Brocko says:

The only thing who works is to work in McDonald and steal some French fries when you’re hungry

Nour Ismaail says:


Don't Screw Up! says:

Which job have you already tried?
And how have you spent your first money?

Mystical Ears says:


HTG x Chizzelz says:

Ur so funny and cool!

j n says:

What i see is a new pewdipie opponent ……not the bad type

Hope you grow soon

Jalea'a Johnson says:


Jay jay Play says:

I spent it on candy

WizzY says:

Can anyone tell me any easy job website .becz my exams are ending.

Bibek studio champkuns says:

Cooll nice vedio plZz shoutout

Sahar Mehranfar says:


just another creative username says:

Can someone recommended some review website that actually works and pays money?

game fire says:

Your soo funny

Alice Wolf says:


Nareelanna spiro says:

Thank youuuuuu

Small Frie says:

Thank you!!!

mandi coelho says:

Where’s the guy you know who started this channel?

akes frvr vlogs and games says:

Oooh amazing

DangerDennisplayz says:

Where is Alex

Hafso Yonis Isak Särlaskolan 7B says:

hiiiiiiiii i love you i hope you get very papular soon

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