HOW I EARN MONEY AS A TEEN !! Hi !!! I’m so excited for summer !!! I hope you enjoyed this week’s video. I loved filming this video !!

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Name: Brook
Age: 14 (15 on April 21)
Editor: Final Cut Pro x
Camera: Canon T5i
Lens: Canon 18-55mm STM Lens
Vlog Channel:

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Lorena Perez says:

the cleaning thing is sooo true! at night like at around 10 I always have the urge to clean and my mom’s always saying you should of cleaned in the day, but all you did was be on your phone. go to
sleep right now.


Julia says:

Hey , I’m a new YouTuber and I would love some support on my videos and some support in subscribers , please help me out and maybe we could collaborate some time ❤️

Matilda Xo says:

Video starts at 01:22

Saqr Mital says:

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alexis christina says:

Thank you so much for this video!! I love this so much! I’ve been wondering how to make money! I actually have a Youtube channel and i’m starting to do surveys!

Amaliya Alpeyeva says:

Money buys dogs and food so it does buy happiness

Emilie Meredith says:

another great video!!! love youu

Xtianah Ariyo says:


sky lukic says:

you live in Austin Texas

Michaela Scabia says:

I have a platos closet too!!

Kay says:

money buys my happiness…… lets be real

Syd T. says:

Great job, on this channel and your vlog channel

Erica Rose says:

This was great thank you!

Anthony Magliocco says:

Money buys me heroin lmaoooo

Molly-Kate Brain says:


autumn sumrall says:

money buys food and food is happiness

rose rambles says:

If you don’t like intros just skip to 1:22

kirstin chatman says:

your makeup looks really good! ❤️

est t says:

Ur one of my fav YouTubers!!

Liv Brennan says:

You can get a job at 16 or even 15 if you have a work permit

Freyja Nelson says:

If I do a YouTube channel, nobody would subscribe to me so…..that’s a no go for me

AlwaysAlly 02 says:

money buys a computer and meets the love of your life which makes you happy lol. but i get the picture

K P says:

Guys I just got $6321on my paypal from this tool without paying anything:(just go to) ~>

Shyann India says:

Loved this video, it was so helpful xx
Does anybody want to sub to me and I’ll sub back with my two accounts? x

Basic Xxx says:

I buy cheap sweet, put them in bags and sell them for 50p.I make soo much money like I spend £3 on sweets them make £8 profit.

John Samyn says:

money buys me weed sooooo yeah fun

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