How to make money FAST as a teenager!

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Hey you guyssss 🙂 I hope you like this video showing you easy ways to earn money fast as a teen! If you want to see some other ways to earn money, OR if you want to see a video on how to get a job – how to dress, what to say, resume tips etc. give this video a thumbs up and I’ll upload it this spring!

Here are some additional tips:

Chores – When you are looking to do extra work around the house to earn money, let your parents know what it is that you want to buy. When they know you have a goal, they will reward you for working hard to achieve it!
Selling Clothing – DePop is the app I showed you in the video, it’s pretty cool and easy to communicate with people who want to buy the item (they just comment, like and press “buy” when they want to purchase your items!) Plus, you have the option to put a location on your items so that you meet up with people in your area (or ship worldwide)

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Ayah G says:

thanks thhat was awsome!!

Ari Star says:

Thank you so much!!! I am 15 and saving up to go to Nepal with my school next year and this is soooo helpful!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amrith Menon says:

woman I love all your videos your so good

javeriya zaki says:

can u make another video on this with new tips

Michael Balogh says:

.Making money online is not so easy for newbie.“jestifa easy system” has created a scope for newbie.Anyone can also try to search google.

SimplyBella says:

I tried opinion outpost but it wouldn’t work. Can anyone tell me what to do??


I’m afraid the online survey is going to be a scam, has anyone tried this yet? What are the results?

Sara Velvet says:


La_Cupcake_ says:

I just recently made a video of my sister singing!! watch it?

Jaymen Din says:

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nayeli berdecia says:

I actually do chores around the house, and I get $60 a month, which I think is awesome! I’m trying to get a summer job once I turn 14, but this video really helped

MarkjuCarol MarkjuCarol says:

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Willie Tjhang says:

cocoa is sooooooo FLUFFY !!

Peaches LovesYou says:

Anyone know ways to make money online that pays worldwide ? I live in Sri Lanka

Fay says:

Please do more videos like this one! I love your channel! your so creative!! <3

elina vemaki says:

the name of the vaccum cleaner?

Batzii ATX says:

Nice way to exploit people for money you prick.

Briana Ballard says:

Another youtuber told me about opinionoutpost. I may try to get addicted. lol

Angela Rose says:

This video is great! I would definitely recommend a part 2, but I don’t love these videos 🙂

Oj R. says:


Jon Cornelison says:

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Captain Diana says:

Yes more money making vids!:D

alyssa perez says:

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Nadia Khanom says:

can we prettyyy pleasseee get more videos on how to make money

Celestial Caitlyn says:

This was great! I’d love to see more of these!

Kiara McMahon says:

omg i love you so much you have taught me so much things that can change my life style in such a good easy way! <3

Fetty Cole aubrey Lamar Jr says:

omg i love youuuuuuuuuuu you’re my Wce omg

Meidina Chaerunissa says:

love it!

Ver'nice says:

Can I do the surveys if im 13 yrs old

Ell Contreras says:

how much does option outpost pay you for each survey

Cynthia C Thomas says:

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Meredith Dez says:

Has anyone tried the opinion outpost thing???

ThatSocialFreak _bye says:

My dad says ” im not paying you to pick up your own mess “

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