How to Make Quick and Easy Money as A Teenager! | Alyssa Nicole |

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Anaida Aponte says:

it real gift card

Hope Cooper says:

How long did it take you to sell your DS?

May Heyy says:

Dude this lady I babysit for has one kid and he’s 4 for less than a hour she pays mean $14! I was like wow! Because I think I’m my opinion that $14 for like 45min isn’t that bad. Norm I babysit like 2 or so hours

John Davidson says:


Grievousig101 says:

I house sit for my parents, and I live in the house so it’s not a big deal and I make $20 a day… they went to Florida for 7 days which equates to $140, I have a real job and I’m a full time student but hey money is money and to have the house to myself and take care of the animals for $140, I’ll take it

Jade S says:

Help! I’m doing the tasks on pocket flip but its not rewarding me the coins??

Alexis Sawastuk says:

love you

Ellen Johnson says:

I gave my dad a ten minute foot massage and he gave me ten bucks

Daniel Loacker says:

Those are some great ideas to make money! Personally what I like to do is pressure wash driveways ($120 per driveway), buy expensive things on Craigslist/Ebay for cheap and resell them for more (I bought a $800 pool table for $100 and resold it for $650) I also love that you’re a Christian!! There aren’t a lot of good YouTubers that are Christian, keep that 🙂

Megan Kohl says:

great ideas gorgeous ❤️

Alan Centeno says:

Thanks Alyssa that app help me a lot thanks you so much

Laynie Newton says:

OMG I love you Alyssa Nicole please like this comment

Bekah C. says:

these are some great ideas 🙂

Peyton Brooke says:

I love your vids so much! It would mean so much to me if you liked this!!! 🙂

Shania Marie says:

What’s your poshmark name?

Angelina James says:

I am the first comment. Also love your videos. I just pierced my ear with your videos help (no infection so far). So thanks!!

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