How to Save Money FAST as A Kid, Teenager, or Beginner!

How to save money Fast for kids, Teenagers, and Beginners. In this video I tell you my secret quick money saving technique that allows me Grow Richer Every Day, even as a College Student. I also give two money challenges that are actually really good challenges that will help you save money easy. – How to Invest your Money for Teens and Beginners:

1. How to Make Money if you’re a Kid or Teenager in High School:
2. How to Start your Own Business:
3. How to Make Money on YouTube:

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YourName 2018 says:

Its Much Better If You Printed Money And Be RICH FOREVER!

Wowman Animations says:

*W E N E E D C O M M U N I S M*

Masacci. Boi says:

I made $500 at my first job and my dad combined our money together and he invested it into Amazon stocks. We finna make bank in a couple years bruh.

Scott Dow says:

That was really interesting. I like the idea of staying below that magic number.

I TheBlitzCollection I says:

Can you please make a video on how you can set a $5000 dollar goal in a 2 year span for a 14 – 16 year old? Thanks! Love the vids, shared you to my other friends trying to make/save money

Lizeth Barreto says:

Lol this is a great video

Sir SB says:

Can u make ur vids shorter cuz I leave after like 2 min cuz it’s too long

Zonion says:

This dude making a video with a tuxedo, fancy game on point!

Alison Albarn says:

Well im doing the $5 money challenge

Jonathan Mc Govern says:

Got into consistent habit of saving few years ago, glad i did, so worth it – peace of mind, options for future, much better than buying new ‘stuff’ now. ‘Just because you have money doesnt mean you need to spend it now’ – so true!

Cris Kampos says:

Im taking out 200$ out of every check and saving it to make more with it 😉 thanks man

snow moon stars says:

I don’t get it

T2s ballsack in Rockstars Ass says:

How much money you make on YouTube

Jerry R. says:

Save for retirement!!

Wait Beat Drops says:

Im saving for a better laptop because this one is weary shitty and I cant do any sirius job on it

Jack the railfan says:

My savings goal is $600 because that’s how much a Lionel Legacy SD70ACe or SD45 model train costs.

Xzavier Garnes says:

$5 challenge sounds more sensible and smart.

Leaking Tay says:

Dope new subscriber

Bobby Green says:

Basically spend money on what you need and not what you want

Kylie.Is.Crazy says:

I need like 700$ tooo um 800 for something

Sachin The Gamer says:


Master of gaming says:

im trying to save up to buy the game god of war

Sam E says:

*small little blankets like welfare* bruh that and the UK benefits system is literally free money to the masses, there isn’t alot more anyone can do

Algernon Reed says:

you so smart thank you bro for the video very good lesson

Panda God_Panda says:

My number is 0.3

amber says:

Rule i found online :
If you cant buy it twice, you cant afford it.

Example :
You have *$100*
The item you want is *$80*

You cannot buy it twice because that would be $160, so dont buy the item

TopREVIEWS says:

Heeeeeyyyyy i know you from somewhere. You taught me how to get waves

jeffrey roman says:

Rashaad can you show us how to recieve a passive income 24 hrs a day 365 days a year making money while you sleep

Stellar Evie says:

im a kid and im saving 250 dollars so i can get a custom ag doll 😛 and a video game

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