My First Youtube Paycheck + How To Make Money On Youtube 2018

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Today I Talk About How much Small youtubers really make, My first youtube paycheck, STEP BY STEP Tutorial on How To Make Money On Youtube and Receive it, and How Much Money I Make As a Kid!!

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zamuxolo ndlovu says:

Hey whats your i.g account

Liz Marie Gonzalez says:

Do you know if copyright material and things like that affect if you can monetize a video?

It’s Me Bri says:

Guys subscribe to my channel new video every week

Hello World says:

Thank you for making this video!! It’s so helpful and especially from a young adult so good job!

Sammer Q. says:

Whoah so when she created this only 35K subscribers but now she has 85K you go girl!

Briley Davis says:

i wanna know how much she made off this video! almost a million views!

natalie Mesame says:

This is fraud. This little girl is teaching you guys how to commit fraud

Joanna Alday says:

This video has almost a million views…. and you deserve it for that thorough explanation. Get that money, girl! 😉

Hussein Naserddine says:

You are cute

The Ntrovrt says:

Thanks for the information. I really was confused about how to get started. Do I have to have a website or would it be my yt? That’s the part that is confusing me.

Squishy Vids says:

Hey! Just wanna say, i have a video that has 60,858 views but there is nowhere telling me to monitize my video, why is that?

Mirandas bananas says:

I wonder how much she got from this

Xynox says:

Sub to me

Iman Fadilah says:

I suggest you edit out the part of where you posted the amount of money you get paid because on thw youtube contract you agree to not post the exact amount of money you get to the public.

Jessica H says:

I remember two years ago on my old channel with my friend we got ads on our videos before all of these new policy’s were made but now it’s never going to happen

Leigh Tessa says:

Wait I thought you first got payed when u hit 200,000 subs

Mia Taylor says:

When I start my can you shout it out Please and I love your videos

Claudia Hernandez says:

You’re so sweet

Merylin MUA says:

This video is really helpful not alot of youtubers tell you that process ❤️

Carla Mendes says: learn how to customize your skirt

Xxjuliacoolgirl xX says:

I wish I had more subscribers and views D; im rlly broke :/

the cow says moo says:

All these people making so much money for doing absolutely nothing

Jordan Mazzola says:

well congrats, you violated the terms of the whole monetization thing by disclosing how much many you make

CaliforniaGirl49 says:

What a cool and enlightening video

the life of camari says:

Well now you 4,000 views with 1,000 subscribers is this true bc it won’t let me finish

AssCheeks Mix says:

ur so ugly and I think ur a Filipino hahahah Ugly

Fatima says:

You look like you could be barbiegutz little sister

Jay Sauce says:

What camera do you use

itsAnnabelle says:

She prolly made some billlllssss on this vid congrats girl

bae jeojang says:

i suddenly want to become a youtuber & drop out of school holy shi

TheVault456 says:

Sub to me and I will sub to u

carla marshall says:

So if in June you make £80
Do you not get that money if by the end of June you don’t have £100 or does it work like then the next time you make 20 quid so they give you the £100??

Landry Marie says:

Do any small youtubers want to help each other out?

I’m on YouTube too much says:

12 dollars lol

Timberlee.larry Smith says:

Bet you made a LOT from this vid

KennyMurf says:

How do you get sponsorships? Do companies just reach out to you and offer them to you?

Shayna Narcisse says:

Do a summer morning routine please ❤️

Lucia Chavez says:

what if the parents don’t have a bank acount

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