Testing Ways To Make MONEY for Teenagers!

Does it really work: flipping clothes?

Testing Dollar Store Halloween Costumes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFHi3kOyhl4
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In today’s video we are testing a popular way to make money online: flipping thrift store items! To do this, you need do some research first. See what items are selling for on Ebay, poshmark, etc. Next, go to a thrift store like the Goodwill or Salvation Army and try and find some items that are selling for way below their market value. Style your items and make them look awesome, take some photos then list them online! I tried doing this, and while nothing has actually sold yet I still think this could be a good way to make money online if you really know what you’re doing.

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Bonnie Roberts says:

You’ve got to keep listing… 20 listings wont get your stuff seen as much…. clothes is a long-term thing that takes longer to sell… technology is easier to flip. I’ve sold about $400 in product before on ebay and yard sales… they work… you just got to be consistent. If you need more help message Bonnie Renee Roberts on Facebook. Another thing you could do to make money is become an affiliate marketer… its definitely not fast cash but it will help you in the long run.

Morgan Ann says:

Try depop. It’s a great app for this kind of stuff.

Ash McLean says:

Can you try the online surveys that apparently earn you money? Xx

Michael Brock says:

My cousin based most of her business online. She started with clothes but quickly found out antique furniture was a big seller for her. Its best to talk to others where you live who have done it for a while and get ideas then go from there. Also auctions are the best way to get your product.

Navya Raju says:

I was one of ur first subs

Xxxkona24 says:

I use poshmark and I do get many sales. The only thing is you have to sell them for a reasonably low price. People are buying it on Poshmark because it will have significantly lower prices

BrittleProductions says:

I love ebay, I would try that!

rubyrubes7 says:

1,000th liker!!!

Tamara Wells says:

I love selling on eBay!! I am the glitchshop on eBay!

Charesa says:

You should make more videos like this Shelby! This video style / vid themes suits you the best!

Lina hall says:

I would love to see this become a series of you trying differnt money making website

Jessica Hickey says:

Thank you for being honest! Loved the video!! Try mercari!

itzeeel13 says:

You should try Vinted !!

Alyssa Marie says:

vinted works the best! just in case yall need a good place to sell your old clothes 🙂

Harleigh Stringer says:

but yeah, i totally agree with everyone in the comments saying this should be a series!!!!

Rachel Mackenzie says:

anyone else notice there were 2 step twos lol

Taylor Lambo says:

I love buffalo exchange

LovedHappy says:

Oh girl. I feel you. I’m sorry it has been so rough. That’s such hard place to be. I pray that you can find peace in your heart. a lot of peace. peace that washes out the anxiety, the confusion, and fear that have been so heavy on you. I pray that you would be comforted with the love of God, that you would have a deep realization of how loved and valuable you are, that you would understand that your worth is so far beyond what you do, or don’t do, both on a day to day scale and big picture scale. This season sounds suckyy but it’s going to be worth it. Just like every other challenging thing you’ve gone through, when you’re through it you’ll be grateful and realize how worth it it was. What you’re going to take away from this time will be pure gold. You’re totally going to have new, refreshed vision, hope, joy and a sense of purpose and belonging in your heart and life soon! So hang in there. And in the meantime please know you’re not alone. You are so loved, and God is so with you. 🙂 xo Kaylyn

Katie R says:

Can you make this type of video a series? Like test out other ways to make money (Swagbucks, survey monkey etc)

Morgan Ann says:

This is a really cool video

Zoe Russell says:

I’m so glad you made this video. I have been thinking about doing this for awhile but I just couldn’t justify the time to find everything and then just sit around hoping the stuff would sell.

kara 03 says:

Please do more videos like this!!!

J Kim says:

Plzzz do more how to make money

KaysieDaniels says:

depop and wish are popular ones!

Morrigan McD says:

Please do more videos like these! Testing different ways to make money online to see if it actually works!

Anna Corley says:

goodwil is not the cheapest thrift store… I feel like its the most expensive…

Emalie Sorrell says:

Loved this video! You should definitely start a series!

Jessica says:


Rose says:

This is such a professional and awesome video!

G McIntosh says:

I’ve sold a few things on poshmark, mostly shoes, and made about $100 in profit. My poshmark name is @orchardgirls if anyone wants to check it out!

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