The 10 Rules Of Making Money: What I Wish Someone Had Taught Me In School

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I’ve learned some these 10 important rules of money the hard way and some I’ve learned from listening to others.

1. Do the opposite: When most people are putting money out, you have to be pulling money in. When most people are pulling money in, you have to be putting money out.

2. Don’t invest in things that rust, rot, and depreciate.

3. Adopt The Win-Win Mentality: Sometimes you will find yourself in a lose-lose situation or a win-lose situation, but you have to figure out how to get into win-win situations. These are what I call “level 3” activities.

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Ibrar Ali says:

Tai is the real deal.

Richard Baker says:

Paying to much for a vehicle is a huge mistake that I have made. Now I understand that it is worth having a tool to help me accumulate money, I now know that I should have made more of an investment. By this I mean I should have bought something that was more in my price range. Allowing me to to invest in other things more needed.

SakuraRed says:

I’m trying to start a clothing line and youtube channel so I can make money and change my community to make chicago a safer place and I got a plan. Can you guys donate a dollar to my cause?

cleaster thompson says:

Your brilliant

The House of Yoel says:

im curently win lose situation.

Justin Dart says:

Tai, Thanks for your tips… I do appreciate what you are doing for the world!

Safi Faruki says:

Mr. Lopez which business you do….

Tykee Battle says:

Thanks Tia Good stuff.

Pensivth says:

I’m from New Zealand, what work did you do?

Bryan D says:

Not sure how i came across this old vid, but it looks like tai lopez hasn’t always been a joke. I like this tone much better than what i’ve seen recently from him. When he’s not bleeding with insecurities constantly trying to prove himself, it’s much easier to take him seriously.

Sam Judge says:

Diden’t think I’ll do this but I gave this video a like.

Nice capital philosophy.

Raymund Flowe says:

This dudes smart and says some accurate things but most of what he says you could figure it out yourself.

ItsAdam12 says:

Tai what is the book your friend didn’t want to buy?

A Skeptical Human says:

“…if the economy gets bad, I can sell the hammer.”

Love it!

Megamigit23 says:

i thought this was gonna be bullshit or silly cuz he was a meme but hes actually serious, intelligent, and very helpful. makes a lot of sense

Monty Cardone says:

I can buy Jordans or kayne west shoes for $160 and sell for $800 easy

Stefan Aguinaldo Soerensen says:

what was that booked called?

Jonathan Stromeyer says:

Rule 11: Strech your videos over 10mins

Karl-Alan Adou says:

Good evening Mr.Tai Lopez can you tell me how you beat procrastination please? I love watching your videos and I don’t understand why I’ll do something and just stop at the middle of it when I know I need to do it. It makes me feel so sad. Look sir I know that message is weird and I know you are not a psychologist but your opinion means a lot to me.

cyberlogos says:

You reading this or not is a possibility. But a fact is you are a living contradiction. Your house is full of Objects d´art most of them are worthless to be auctioned. If you follow what you advice, you would have other level of paintings, modern like Monet or Picasso or classical ( that probably you don´t fancy ). I don´t see any Persian rugs or sculptors by Rodin etc. Same thing with your cars. No one knows if you bought them new or are leased, in all case these are sumptuous whims d-e-p-r-e-c-i-a-t-i-n-g the most. An advice; show more congruency if you want to attract clients with criteria.

Wildflowers LLC says:

poor cow

Dnxl Dnxl says:

How do u get connections to all these people

Jon Doney says:

swear I saw you at a coffee shop in Perth.

Abdul Mateen says:

It’s not important for us just to listen the title… But it worth to listen the experience you had

awang shark says:

Jom bersama saya menjana
Pendapatan dengan hanya
Klik klik dan klik
Anda di bayar dalam dollar..
Saya sudah.. anda nak cuba? Join saya
Klik link di bawah..

Darryl Bray says:

What do you do for a job? You have a nice nice ass house and not telling us what your doing to make the money that your making.

ReVitellect says:

Awesome advice! Thanks, Tai! There’s a whole lot of win-lose situations. I wanna be able to have a win-win situation but something holds me back – fears, laziness, procrastination, lack of self-belief.

But this video is inspiring. Thank you 🙂

Inside Agartha says:

Good expenses vs Bad expenses

Edward Robinson says:

definitely my tefl degree was a game changer and a win-win. I’m currently in Shanghai teaching english and loving it. i will also say that investment in books led me to the mindstate to go for it. so i think a positive thought is one of the most powerful investments, and a divine thought is THE most win-win.-Edward

Hey There says:

But people make millions off shoes

Apporva arya says:

Tai 3 golden rules:
Be in win win sictuation
Pull money back when others spending n spend when others pulling their back.
Spend like u making investment.

ranti spanky says:

rule nr1.:

don´t be obsessed with money

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