I have come home to be a SAHM, WAHM, MOM, WORKER… HUSTLER…TEACHER… whatever you want to call it…AS LONG AS I AM HOME!!! I am so happy that I have embarked on this journey exactly one year ago and I am so excited to be able to finally share it with you!!!!

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momof2 says:

Busy girl !

Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez says:

I’d love more work at home ideas! I loved this video too 🙂 Can’t wait for my first booking with VIPKID (I’m a new teacher for VIPKID).

MsTraJay says:

I would definitely enjoy more work from home videos. I am new to the channel, but enjoy your videos a lot.

Gwen Vann says:

Thanks for sharing these tips!

tiffp323 says:

Wow this is crazy! A lot of side jobs… so much for being a stay at home mom lol what do you do at the resort??!?

Kirsi Sykes says:

This is awesome! You are doing so much and it is so encouraging! Would love to hear more work from home opportunities.

Bertana Marie says:

Yes I need to do to that

The Garden Fairy says:

Great video! Any recommendations on accredited online ESL programs?

SOTBP Conference says:

do know what u mean of having the ideas but not the tools or network.

Siomi says:

Yes more work video your so awesome! What camara you use the video such great quality

Amitya Sariningsih says:

Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing, Kim.. ❤️

Jeni Brandsma says:

So exciting!! Love to see you grow and share!!

Carmen Alabat says:

Your energy is contagious….looks like you made the best choice for you and your family.Congrats!!

Anne Buyze-Smith says:

Yes please share more work at home opportunities! Thanks!

Gloria Reyes says:

Love that hustle!!!!

Evelyn D'Haene says:

Girl you are all over the place and I love it.

Gratefully Glorifying says:

Wow! I am so encouraged! Thanks for sharing about this exciting season of your life. Nicely balanced! Love it.

Madeline Kummer says:

I love how excited you are about your new path in life. I’m so glad you shared, thank you for the video.

Nora S says:

Yes would love some more work at home videos or leads.

Ibislife says:

Thank you, this is really useful tips! Keep them coming! I have registered with the Vip Kid. Hope I get accepted. Would love to do videos, if only I could build up enough self confidence.

Brenda Tate says:

Kim, You are one hard working Momma! Thanks for sharing! Good Luck in all your journeys!

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