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Ashley Sky says:

How often does Walmart pay you and do they send you a check in the mail or is it through PayPal or can they do direct deposit to your checking account?

joe petz says:

Tried this, you need to have your own domain and website before you even consider trying this. If you say no, then please tell me how. I’m all ears.

Raven's Reflections says:

You can not get a Walmart link without already having an established website with 100,000 plus visitors a month. You have to have the traffic already. If you dont you will not get a link. I built a blog. My target audience was pet rescuers and pet owners…people who need the best prices on pet supplies. Wal mart bottom line has the lowest prices on every pet product the sell. The point of my site….get people to the cheapest pet supplies and it all centered around a Wal mart link. And then I was declined for a link. I had to find other links to sell products Every link I could get were speciality stuff. Not everyday stuff everyone buys. And I did not even try for an Amazon link. Amazon give you a time frame to make a certain number of sales or bye bye acct. So you need have enough loyal followers that will buy what they are gonna buy anyway from you.

Get,Money, Jones says:

First of all wal mart need to let my people go in the name “Jesus”

Cali Love Bug says:

I don’t understand. At what point do people buy the product and then walmart pays you a commission?

Katrina Ann Angelica Escalante Cummings says:

Thanks so much really appreciate this bless your homes’ heart and all in your family more power safe travels God bless always<3<3<3 ^|;"> Kat

Donna Shirley says:

Thanks so much Tyler

AnyWho says:

if some one is just starting out and trying to figure out how they can make money from this stuff the last thing there gonna do is spend $10 per day per ad to figure it out. they wont make any money then u will never see them again …

Sharron Dark says:

Thanks, Great Ways

Devin Blue Author says:

Does Facebook and Bing allow you to direct link those tires advertising directly back to Walmart or do you have to have a landing page?

Paul Kozar says:

You can’t just throw your affiliate link on Adwords and/or Facebook. What are you thinking?

jim sale says:

What do you say about dong youtube reviews from creative commons videos. Is that a real income producing option?

Yohannes Hm says:

i dont understand ? In order to be a member as affilietor, why 3rd part cookies are need to envolve ? is it mandatory to pay ? if so how much will the return? sorry Dude nice video !!

ams 15292 says:

It’s practically impossible to make any real money unless you have a very high traffic site. You can’t even think of running an ad words campaign for Walmart. It will be a joke. AdWords works for very nich and or very expensive products. No one go online searching for generic products. Everybody knows Amazon, Walmart or Target and they have tons of web presence.

Lori Hymowitz says:

I do not have access to a computer

Rae says:

The links on the Rakutan sign up page havent worked the last 3 times Ive tried to sign up as an affiliate.

Copper Thomas says:

Your website is showing an error?

Twinning it says:

1 subscribed
2 like
3 Comment done
4 I’ll do the same

Leon Mozie says:

Do have to have a site?

Louis Paquette says:

I’m looking at your 5 Minute Profit site, Tyler. The page claims the software is FREE. Free means, no PURCHASE. So then while watching a video on the page – in the lower quarter I keep seeing these pop ups stating Joe Blow just Purchased 5 Minute Profits. Why are people on the one hand purchasing – something which is supposedly free? Just once, I would love to see some truth. Some claims which actually can happen. I’ve looked at many offers and they are all lies.

Mike Custalow says:

dude your vids are dope! I stumbled on your textbroker one and have been geeking out on your videos ever since.

Chef Carvan Backus says:

Forget Wal-Mart

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