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In this video I chat with you about some fun and creative ways to make money from home. All of these ideas come from YOU! They range from dog hosting to growing and selling plants to getting creative and selling your own work. These are great, relaxed ways to make a little extra cash. If you have any other ideas or thoughts, please leave a comment below. Enjoy!

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Brish Wilson says:

Great video, and great ideas, Canna. Very nice to hear from your subscribers. I’m doing my first $1,000 challenge, and am up to $360 so far. I have started painting thrift store furniture and have just made my first sale. Very exciting!! 🙂 I also love bonsai, and would like to hear more from your winner.

Shi Cruisin' says:

Lovely! Thanks for the ideas!

liraz1605 says:

Hi canna, i purchasd your wonderful book, How can i get the privete access video?

JLC McGeever says:

Love these ideas, and that they’re all sourced from this community! ♥️ thank you for sharing Canna

Lily Koko. Interior Design. says:

hhmm, I was trying to sell beaded bracelets on Etsy.. But it doesn’t work at all for me.

Maria B says:

My company scans all their old invoices & billings at the end of the year as part of a closeout before tax season so they can keep everything digitally to save space. I scan them quarterly for them now to help keep the bulk down and they pay a decent fee to get it out from storage quicker. Lots of companies need digitizing of their records for ease of storage, ask around you’d be surprised how many places would love to hire you to do it regularly. I’ve even hired out other friends and family to help with the process to help them make some extra cash too in the process.

Sarah Goddard says:

these are all amazing! way better then the usual “Do online surveys!” that I usually see in these types of videos.

Mfhc Ncjd says:

You’re amazing!

Adam Brooks says:

Who would down vote this!?! Sad.

Brish Wilson says:

Canna, would you be in a position to start a Facebook group for people doing the $1,000 project? To share ideas and motivation?

Sir Dino says:

great tips cc ,,,,,,

Mais Freij says:

Can you tell us about some of the platforms to use for writing CVs, translation, etc.

Donna Clark says:

Rocco’s little voice – so sweet

amanda watson says:

Great video!!!

IWantAFreeLife says:

Great video mate! Personally, I went a different root, changed my life in 7days! http://endfinancialstressnow.com/secret/index.php?aid=20764

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