7 EASY Ways To Make A LOT Of Money At HOME !!

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Today I am sharing 7 EASY ways to make money from home! How To make money online ! how to make money as a teenager ! Ways to make money

Other Sites mentioned:
1. upwork
2. rewardstyle
3. magiclinks
4. etsy

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totally L says:

I would love to have a YouTube channel but I’m just scared I’m not going to be able to upload regularly also I’m really shy I don’t think I have time for it but I would love to do it

Alejandra María Mora says:

It’s so important what you said about taking risks!

Foxy Girl says:

Can u do video how you do your v-line. In ur face plizz

Babygirl Giselle says:

Hii i started a yt channel follow me!!!

Lucy Gascoyne says:

Hi xx

The kawaii Stitch says:

Yes please make a video about YouTube

Sweet Cruz says:

I started a YT channel a few months ago in my other account I will appreciate it if everyone subscribed to my channel I started thinking that I want to give advice and help others I also want to do fun things plze help me here is the link https://youtu.be/ZXcqKjIV4go

Keshavi Ellapen says:

Make a video on your youtube channel

Erin Ng says:

I love that you can have all these different types of videos! love your channel <3

Andrea Samardzic says:

This is what I needed!!! Yesss girl!!! You’re the best!!!BEST

Emilly Bara says:

Could you make a video about YouTube channel??

doha berray says:

Pliz inspire me how to start YouTube channel !!

Mara Marcu says:

Please do a video about how you make money on youtube and how you film and edit your videos!! BTW I think you’re so pretty and all of your videos are so helpful!! ILY!!

kate sheeran says:

Broke squad where you at

Hailey Lopez says:

I want a channel but my mom and dad don’t want me to do yo have any ways on how I could have one

MICHELE's WORLD mixing things up says:

TFS this information

Graciie W says:

I love how these are actual things I can do, and this video is more helpful than I expected, so thank u!!!

The Vintage Vegan says:

Thanks for all the tips!

Annie Long says:

Literally broke right now so I clicked on this so fast

drishti hirani says:

A detailed video on you tube way

Manisha Masih says:

Ur looking pretty……girls…..i love you…..

iwuvstarsduh says:

Would love to watch a video on how you make a living off of YouTube

Alice Alexandra says:

Plecase do a video about YouTube, tips for us, how can you transform the passion into a job. You are amazing!

Gabby Gaburieru says:

Well i have a lil over 200 subs so i’m getting there…

Adrian Maxwell says:

I’d love to see you do a video about how to become a YouTuber.

Sara K. says:

I would love to have my yt channel but I’m too shy..

Nikola Syper says:

I’m a bit late but I have a video request I have social anxiety… I just started a new school where I only know my cousin. Yes i made friends but it’s hard to talk to the other people in my class especially the guys..can you do a video on how to cope with social anxiety or how to talk to people when you have social anxiety… today I had two emotional breakdowns…love you lots Nicolette you are the only thing that cheered me up today xx

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