8 Side Jobs to Make Money & Side Gigs that Earn Cash (from home!)

We give you 8 side jobs to make money. These side gigs earn extra cash – many from home!

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Need some extra cash for a venture? Here are 8 ways to earn it:

#1 Side job to make money: reselling items on eBay/Amazon/Craiglist

This was Sarah’s first side gig and it became very profitable very fast (and it was how she was able to earn money to reinvest into bigger and better businesses).

For this side gig, you go around your house and find items that you no longer use. The research firm NPD found that the average household in the USA has over $7,000 in junk that they no longer use.

Take the items you find, and compare their prices to the prices on sites like eBay, Amazon and Craiglist. If it’s worth it, you can list your items on there and sell them for extra money.

By doing that, not only will you get extra money, but you’ll also learn what items are profitable to resell. You can then go to garage sales, yard sales and thrift stores and look for those items to buy cheaply to resell on eBay/Amazon/Craiglist.

#2 Side job to make money: become a User Tester

If you go to UserTesting you can find jobs that are uploaded by developers/businesses that need their websites tested. You will need a working microphone for your computer to do this.

1) Pick a job. Take a short 2-4 survey to see if you qualify for the job.
2) If you qualify, you can start the job by running their screen capture recording software.
3) Read into your microphone the instructions you see on your screen.
4) Follow the instructions and talk into your microphone about your experience/impressions.

The 5 minute jobs pay about $3/job and that 10-15 minute jobs pay about $10-15/job.

#3 Side job to make money: become a virtual assistant/freelancer

Being a virtual assistant/freelancer is when you complete jobs remotely from home. You are usually not an official employee and instead are a contractor so you get to work on your own terms/hours. Here are some tips for getting hired:

* Fill out your profile as much as you can.
* If it’s relevant, include a portfolio.
* Get reviews ASAP. A good idea is to get friends/family to hire you and leave reviews.

BONUS TIP: Being a VA/Freelancer is a great way to get an inside look into successful businesses and learn how to build one yourself.

#4 Side job to make money: Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is a website owned by Amazon.com that lets businesses, researchers, marketing firms and consumer focus groups post small jobs called HITs which take 2-10 minutes to complete. Most of the jobs on here are short surveys (so if you want to get paid to take surveys this is how to do it legitimately!).

#5 Side job to make money: Airbnb

If you own a house/apartment then you make some extra money by becoming an Airbnb host. Here are some tips for making even more money with Airbnb:

* You don’t need a spare bedroom/bed. People are happy to sleep on couches!
* Get reviews ASAP. Getting friends/family to stay over and leave reviews is a great idea to shortcut this process.
* Clean your house and provide extra amenities (like soap/shampoo/toothpaste) to ensure you get good reviews and not bad reviews.

#6 Side job to make money: become an Uber/Lyft driver

Here are some tips for making even more money as an Uber driver or a Lyft driver.

* Drive during surge pricing hours. These are 8pm-2am Friday to Sunday.
* Lyft lets you rent a car from them. If you drive 65+ trips in a week, your car is free!
* You can drive with both Uber and Lyft active at the same time to maximize jobs you get.

#7 Side job to make money: become a Tasker on TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an app that lets people post odd jobs around their house/office they need someone to come and help them perform (like cleaning and assembling IKEA furniture). Some jobs people have received include:

* $80/Hour for 20 hours to assemble office furniture.
* $40 to lift groceries up stairs.

#8 Side job to make money: becoming a paid blogger

Finally, Make a Living Writing has a huge list of sites that will pay between $50-250 for articles/blog posts. If you like writing, reach out to these sites and see if you can become a writer for them!


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Selling counterfit items is a nice side job hussle, very profitable

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WARNING! do not waste your time on upwork if you don’t have any certain printed degrees or some proof of education for the field you want to work on. If you apply to alot of jobs and get declined (or even no answer at all) you can get banned permenantly and its very hard to ban appeal. Also they take 20% cut from your earnings and not to mention paypal fees after transfer. Make a thorough research before you start freelancing.
Please like so people will notice.

John Chaney says:

Seems like Mturk is not a good choice either. The seem to be declining a huge number applicants for no reason, myself included.

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I want to import a new chinese car into Australia, how would I do it ?

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Hello, could you please elaborate on the investing part for a passive income? Thank you. Kind regards

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Resale Arbitrage

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Please Give your reviews or comments on Aliplugin and Alidropship.

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I drive for both Uber and Lyft. I would not recommend it.

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Mike H says:

Side job #1. Went to a fedex drop off place and they have a small area with thrift shop stuff, not a whole lot of stuff. I walked over to a table and a book jumped up and hit me in the head. The lady sold it to me for $1.00. Low price anywhere $99.95. Pay attention out there. Look in the dark corners. #2. Found a book at thrift shop. Purchase price $0.50, worth $300.00, sold at $159.95, profit $159.45.

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Hey again can you please give me an example of passive business and assets and another question is about dropshiping books from amazon kindle publishing and you’re amazing by the way.

Komal Shabbir says:

Hey sarah! Thanks for sharing great and helpful content! I am from Australia and seriously considering starting with amazon, the only confusing i have is wether to wait for Amazon to launch in aus (that is soon launching) or just start with amazom usa

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