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Holly Justice says:

I cannot believe people are commenting about her hair color. People need to find their soul.

dina burton says:

Car insurance not covered in all states …lyft & uber

The Princess says:

First of all, the grey looks great on you!

Kelley Ryan says:

O my god how cute was the dog

Josseline Keity says:

I pay my entire rent with Airbnb!

mua Gang says:

So for ebates how does it know when we make a purchase? Does it know when we scan our card? Or how does it work?

One Guitarist says:

Great video! Extra money is never bad. 🙂

caliber hair imports says:

Grey hair means wisdom…she’s a beautiful woman and this is a actually the ‘in’ look! Get with the times people

Nott Available says:

Thank you for the tips! Nice summary! OAN: I like to read the comments to see what other ideas people have, but I’m so annoyed at HOW MANY PEOPLE feel the need to comment on a woman’s looks! Jeebus!! You know if it were a man…. Ugh….

Mary Tipton says:

They all sound good but it’s not safe to have strangers rebt out your car and I wouldn’t want to drive around drunks so a few of them are heck no and def not rent out apartment

Jordan Cheyenne says:

Hey guys! I have a second video with 10 different ‘Work from home’ jobs if you’d like even more ideas!! Check it out here: https://youtu.be/qUDI-bYIFmI

yolanda fonseca says:

thank you

Louise Grigg says:

I love this <3 Thank you x

nikkiwim says:

Thank you, for all this great information. You’re awesome!

Hey There says:

Wow, this is so helpful! I’m actually planning to launch an online store within a year and I’m going to need that will give me feedback on my products and this is awesome information. Thank you so much!

tricia7674 says:

Where is the Upwork link?

Paige Kinucan says:

I love Poshmark! I just schedule a free USPS pickup online, so I don’t even have to leave the house or wait in line at the post office. ☺️

Ally Fortis says:

Upwork don’t have a $20 fee, they actually charge 20% of the income until you make your first $500 and you are not paid that much.

Victoria Stewart says:

I dont have a cosco card, would I still be able to pick up the groceries if im working for instacart?

Vincent Repins says:

let’s see some thigh

yolanda fonseca says:

Need help starting an online business

Ana Ivelisse says:

Thank you very much for sharing this

T Stamps says:

Share more info on Task Rabbit for people looking to make money. I just did a gig (yesterday) putting IKEA furniture together and made $120 for 6 hrs of work!

MaronaCarona says:

This is so great! I use Poshmark as a Side hustle and have deposited over $4k in my account in about a year! All from selling used clothes! I have a few videos about which clothes I sell ❤️

Jessie Alice says:

super valuable content

Paula Montanez says:

Where in 2018. Not 2019. You stay trying to go towards the future when ur still stuck in 2000 … Find a 2019 hack no one knows about. Idiot.

Joshua Allison says:

Hi Jordan. I’ve got a felony theft and my release was in 2013 (after 3 years of probation) . It’s only been 5 years since the start of my felony, and it’ll be another 2 – 5 years before it will finally get passed the background checks. I’ve been struggling for the past 7 years trying to get a job and no one will hire me because of this felony. I was 25 years old when i was caught. I had around 20 credit cards in my computer, and although i never used any of them the government was in the process of making a new law that says if you have more than 10 credit cards or any ” financial devices” in your computer that it’s a felony and up to 3 years in prison. They waited until this was in place before they came after me. They put this law in place at the same time i was arrested. So that was great timing. I never actually made any money, i was a dumb 25 year old that had sensitive information on my computer cause i thought it was the cool thing to do. Now i’m 37 and have been living with my parents for the past 7 years. I was married for 4 years until i went to jail and then my wife wanted nothing to do with me again. I’ve been running different gigs and trying my hardest for the past 7 years to get anything out of this life but it seems impossible. I noticed all the awesome vids you have and the great content so i thought i would ask. However i’m writing this because you mentioned that respondent won’t hire people with felonies. I get this everywhere i go. No one will ever hire me anywhere. Not even to walk their dog or to clean crap out of a sewer. I’m in a really nasty position and on top of that my parents are moving and i won’t be allowed to go. I’m too old for it anyway and i’m looking for a way out. I would very much appreciate if you could toss me some scraps of advice or anything at all. Thanks so much for the content, love your vids! Cheers -Josh

Rita Isaac says:

This video is not for me cos I don’t live in the US or UK

Golden yaa says:

Great most of these are in USA..pointless for Europeans

Dez Kensington says:

Check your lease if you are a renter before doing the air B and B thing. If your lease states no subletting…you could land in some hot water. Eviction and no refund of deposits would be just the beginning. This is bad advice to tell people they could more than pay their rent this way. Most standard leases include something similar that would put the person on the lease on the wrong side of the law. I won’t even get into what a waste rideshare or food delivery is. You can find those videos with a simple search. I’m just going to stop right there. This video was thrown together without care just for the views. How about make click bait videos on YouTube? I hear the return can be pretty sweet.

Chelle Weatherspoon says:

Thank you for sharing. Great leads, several that I had never heard of before.

Steven Arvizu says:

That’s it I’m making a Snapchat premium account to make money

Chelle Weatherspoon says:

I like the car rental idea.

A May says:

Is anyone else at staring at her eyeliner

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