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Julian says:

Nobody wants to be on your shitty mailing list buddy

Kimberly Wiggins says:

Great video! Going to check out your others.
I know so many people who make money on Google, Amazon and Ebay. Don’t need to be rich… just supplemental 800 to 1000 a month is perfect.

Lindsey Shaffer says:

Wouldn’t you have to pay for the customers shipping threw Amazon? I can not leave my home I can not go to a UPS Office,… and also doesn’t it cost money to place your Private labels on the products?…. Also how much did all of this Cost you, to start this whole thing?,… So we can all prepare yourself on how much to start out with,… Thanks for all of your help

Nunyun Bizz says:

So many videos just like this on Youtube, all done the same way and all of them make thousands and thousands of dollars a month. LOL.

Black Green says:

I wish there was site or posting to show how BS is these amazon claims I have been in amazon for 4 month there are more of my products walk out of warehouse or missing then I sold. I have sold in pass four months zerooooooooooooooo

Lodjie.Com says:

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tony ron says:

pliz be more simple with your explanations

Maquez Elizabeth says:

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Daniel Khan says:

give me the proof

Benito Elem says:

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m4lzy says:

So tell me, would one be able to sell on amazon sitting on another continent?

Jason Oseguera says:

tax man tax man they on yo asssssss

Alajowon Edwards says:

Thank you for the video… I’m a beginner and looking for all
The information that I can get before starting . But you making it look easy and simple

Cyrus Fidelio says:

you should be arrested for misrepresenting yourself. the only gift you have is to make these fake videos and get views. you do not actually earn anything close to what you claim.

keji Johnson says:

How ????????????????????????????????????????

Jordz says:

Do you have to be of a certain age to do this

Mudabber Ahmad says:

I have 50 thousand dollars I want to start business on amazon but I need help some can guide.

Rock monster says:

Yes. Profit off sweatshop children.

Russell Magdaleno says:

Hi I had a question about taxes. Do you owe at the end of the year and pay it then? Or is there a way to pay throughout year?

M. D. says:

Good information man, Thanks! I have sooo many ideas!

Cali Love says:

When it comes to private labeling, do you have to any legal acts first?? Licensing??


You help me droshoping… I thank you

Torch TV says:

You forgot shipping cost from Alibaba…usually it’s $200

Jenny lee says:

Who would have thought a hammock cover would make so much profit? Lol. I have never done this, but it looks interesting.

Nenad G says:

Only dumb people will become millionaires, its a fact

milka wendot says:

too great

Rich Williams says:

. i reckon people buy them ‘with’ a hammock though.

gemixnew gmail com says:

i make enough money through decent trading with help of Terriese White a woman i met in a business conference in TX,US,she so calm and understanding,
best mother you ever work with

Geordan Strain says:

Great video!!!

Guwen Leynis says:

@t sign up and get $10

Franco Anzola says:

Infact it is not possible. Please don’t say that you have no experience because You know it is not true too. You must have studied and learned a lot of things on the net and spent a lot of hours and days (if not months) in order to be on grade to start a so hard and difficult online business. So now PLEASE DON’T SAY BULLSHITS because people may think that is true and want to try without thinking and knowing all the difficulties and all the things to pay attention to. People may LOST MONEY thanks to video like this. Amazon FBA it’s not easy. For nothing. Don’t say it is or it may be done by everybody. It is not True. It is a hard business to start. THAT’S IT…

Gareth Thomas says:

But UK has a much smaller population

Jenny lee says:

Is it just me, or do you kind of look like Seth Rogen? Its not an insult..just saying. 🙂

Rossie Channel says:


Johnny Deep says:

Bullshit conmen

Vicky Younas says:

How brother i recevied

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