How I Make A FULL TIME Income Working From Home- $5K A Month at 19

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Hey there, Curvy Tribe!

This is my VERY FIRST video talking about how I make a full time income working from home. I have been working from home since I was fifteen years old, and now I’m nineteen! I have six streams of income that I use to fully support myself, although writing is my biggest stream of income, bringing me anywhere from $3K-$5K a month in income. All from home! I don’t have a college degree or any special education to do my jobs- just a high school diploma.

Working from home has been such a blessing and I want to share that knowledge that I have with you so that you can make your own money, pay your bills, meet your dreams, put yourself through school, save up for your child’s education, or whatever else you want to do with your money! You make this money on your own time, which is the greatest blessing of all. If you have any questions, please let me know down below!


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Camille Wright says:

Have you considered Botox for your migraines? I started them a few years ago and it had improved my migraines sooo much. I went from 30 headache days a month without ever feeling that zero point to only having maybe 2-5 headaches a month. I hope your migraines continue to get better!

Crystal p says:

How can i make money

Mia White says:

Any info on how to get started. I would really love to try this out!! Please help

Top of top says:

Get out of the house its good for you. U don’t got that much money stop lieing everyone knows 5er is just a scammer site. Get a real job stop being a shill

Annie Jane says:

what are the best sites to go on as a freelance writer in the UK???

HumbleFoxy says:

this was great! thanks for sharing 🙂

IisPotatoe says:

You’re such a sweetheart, I love your personality. And it’s so rare I can say this about other YouTubers anymore.
Thank you for your honesty and uploading this video.

Mary Doe says:

How do you get past the resume I dont have one

Ryan says:

Damn girl, good info

Khairi Kamar says:

Which surveys do you take??? I want to start ad well

Shelley Dickens says:

Amitriptyline 5mg stoped mine…petite mal seizures suck and are scary….i am a nurse and at 50 (diagnosed at 5) I ran into a doctor who had the same type of a migraine…we have no idea why it nearly stops them (i have not had a full blown one since i started the medicine, going on a year), but it does….take at night before bed..

Detox Lady says:

Curvyhips and tainted lips, to get rid of your migranes and transient blindness, you have to stop taking the SPENDA and the diet soda. My Mom put a stop to it right away and I got better!

Ethel Cabanlit says:

R u 4 real

Annika Daze says:

Migraine, Math, English twins.. <3 thank you for the video!

Mommies Media says:

Have you used freelancer or flexjobs?

OPTiDiVA says:

You’re a freakin badass.

Suzette Spitzer says:

That’s amazing, so happy for you. Totally get the migraine problem, mine is not so bad, I take Imitrex at the onset and recently realized I can’t eat cream cheese anymore. I’m not allergic to it, but its become an intolerance to my brain that after 30 minutes of eat cream cheese, I’ll get a pounding migraine that 1 time did not go away for 4 days. I past on this video to friends and family that I know this could help. I’m too buzy to consider doing this myself,…. Considering that fact that I do have a great job earning $19 per hour as a Purchasing Admin. The downside, I work in an office run by mainly all men (about 20) & manufacturing warehouse of about (30 more men), only 4 other women in the office. Its ok for men to talk and chat it up, but they want me & the other women to not talk/chat at all… Its very dehumanizing. 3 of the women are done & past their child bearing years, however, I & 1 other woman still has that ability,… But if 1 were to get PG,.. that 1 would get fired. Being PG, means not being there full time. I understand that need, but its wrong and dehumanizing. So working from home, on your own schedule and making good income doing that is awesome. I just have too much on my plate at this time to consider it. Thank you for sharing this on YouTube, its inspiring and I hope it can help those I shared with.

Mind Blowing Fart says:

If you changed your diet to a healthy vegan one full of fresh fruits and vegetables and did more exercise and got lots of fresh air I guarantee you’r migraines would heal completely

Ondi Logan says:

I have chronic migraines and starring at a computer screen for 10 to 12 hours would blow my head off. Glad you can do it! Congra ts!!!

Grace T. Marques says:

Thank you! Greetings from Portugal! Pls consider to have Reconnective Healing sessions since I am sure that these frequencies without doubt Will help. Blessings

Elena M says:

You are an amazing young lady! I’m very impressed by your perseverance, how you’ve overcome your migraines and forged ahead to make a living doing what you love. You’re an inspiration to all women young and old. My question is did you have to provide samples of your work when you first started? Thank you for sharing your story… May God continue to bless you in everything you do!

Maryanne Leitu says:

OMG I CAN TOTALLY RELATE TO STARTING OUT WITH TAKING SURVEYS!!!!! It took me three months to get 5 bucks, after that I was like ehh, yeah I’m over it. lol Already love what you’re talking about girl, you got a new sub.

Baddest Dre says:

Thanks this worked now I’m selling drugs and have to sell my nudes to get food

Mandy Davis says:

Where did u get your SEO certification? Can you direct me to the website and where you’ve got that and other certifications?

KissMyCreative says:

I was with you until you said you were working 12-16 hours a day! Is that just doing the writing you’re specifically talking about in this video? Or do you mean with all 6 of your businesses? Because wow…thats alot lol. I hear stories about online entrepreneurs taking on those types of careers to STOP having to work all day every day and live a miserable life with no play. Where do you find time to live? I hope if I get into this online career thing I’m not working that many hours lol. It’s a bit discouraging hearing that. P.S. did you say you typed 473 wpm?? Forgive me, but I believe the fastest typer in the world is only in the 200’s, no? However, my research could be wrong (EDIT: I found a guy who did 360 wpm lol). Either way, your vid was great and I appreciate all the info! And your personality is great too! Sounds like you have your ish together, girl! Congrats to you!

thriftstore2couture says:

I’m going through the same thing. Chronic migraines and fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain condition. I also had to learn to make money from home. I do freelance writing too and write ebooks. Add me @mommiesmedia on here and instagram if you want. I don’t do surveys a waste of my previous time.


congrats young lady on getting your life in the grips of your hands at such a young age keep up the good work you are awesome and I hope and prey that you feel better , with all of your chronic pains that your going through and make sure you are getting plenty of sleep. And that you are keeping plenty of fluids in you body ok and occationally when you are under the weather put some garlic cloves and a couple of onion slices in your socks when you go to sleep so it can pull the poison from your pours .and if you haven’t or don’t know start juicing with kale ,spinach ,beets .like you lots of iron and different types of juicing you can do that have the right types of hydration and nutrients that your body could use to get that nutrition boost and make you get back to par .thanks for the videos and inspiration for everything you’ve done take care and good luck to you and you legacy of success…. piece out from your subscriber (Rodney price)

Javier Zapata says:

Thank you! It was very helpful

PanamericanistaM0R3Na says:

Aw, she’s adorable. I love her optimism. I was homeless just recently and I thank authentic people like you who mentor us online.

husqvarna ST 224P says:

60k salary is terrible

Brandy Conley says:

You are amazing!!

Choose Joy says:

you go girl!

Miko says:

I know U mad busy but I really need your help bc U sound so sincere (not like all those ppl that sold me a bunch of BS)I wish I had came cross your video b4 I waste my money (over$3000) not a lot of$4 some ppl but it put me n a hold, I was ready 2give up on making$ from home but Na u got me rejuvenate N I’m ready 2give it another try

meancookie89 says:

Try CBD oil aka hemp oil

I used to get the worst migraines but once i got on this yoooo

I wake up no aura or dizzy spells or eye issues period and im more collected

You should loo into it !

Erik Schmunzeler says:

God bless the migraine

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