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Courtney Pedersen says:

I would love to start a you tube channel. not so much to make money just to help out other women and mom be Thier personal best. I am just having a hard time to find a platform to work on. you are an inspiration to watch! I am 43 and starting over raising a little angle who is two. she was a surprised to me and my husband. we have already raised 29 year old and a 19 year old. lol so I know I can help lots of women out there I just don’t know where to start.

Life As Mom says:

awsome tips. youtube and yardsale is what I’m trying

Pallavi Tiwari says:

thank u for sharing this

jowiens32 says:

Love these ideas. Would be great to mention that the surveys are for US residents only. That’s too bad. I may be from another country but I’m your neighboring country and also have opinions to share!!

Minimalist Styling says:

Awesome <3

Emily Nicole says:

Loved this! Recently had a yard sale & made a good amount of money and also decluttered a lot! Also loved this thumbnail 🙂

Love Meg says:

We used to Craigslist flip all the time with cars. we would buy one that needed some work, bring it home, take it to the shop to be fixed and get it running good as new and resell it for a lot more than we bought it for. We would do like 2 a year and make a few thousand dollars like that. It definitely wouldn’t pay the bills full time but it gave us extra cash to spend on vacations and things like that. My sister in law will buy old furniture and paint it and resell it too.

William Tracy says:

I don’t see the link to the video on how you make money on YouTube mentioned in your video. Am I just missing it?

Carola Nelson says:

Silly question but where are your kids when you make these videos? hahaha, your house seems so quiet lol

Alison Thomas says:

Thanks so much for sharing your awsome tips. Blessings.

Kayla Ritchie says:

I also love using checkout51 and ibotta. All you do is take pictures of your receipts from the grocery stores and you get a small amount back. But it does add up!

Marrell and Mac-Jane Crayton says:

This was real good information. Thanks for sharing!!!

Trisha Fites says:

Thanks for these ideas! I started doing the surveys and I love it!!!

FN TechRoom says:

Click my name or photo to see my last video on the best legal Trick make thousands of $ fast

JazmineandFamily says:

I love your channel so much thank you for the great ideas.

Kim Villa says:

this is so cool! you inspired me to start a youtube channel!! SO AWESOME!! thank you!!!! ❤❤❤

Drakes Nest says:

Some great ideas:) I know people who r really Into selling on eBay and actually do really well with it! I started a YouTube channel for fun…but hey you never know!;)

Melissa Deadman says:

This is great advice thanks <3

Danson for Joy says:

Thanks for the tips! I hadn’t heard of Opinion Outpost before, and that seems like a good way for a nursing mama to bring in a few dollars. 🙂

Lovely Things With Abby says:

I love these ideas, Myka! I know there are many of us girls who think, “I can’t afford to be a SAHM!” But these options make it seem so possible! I especially like the ideas about surveys and teaching English. Thanks for sharing!

denpotpink 1 says:

this isn’t online, but I help people declutter their homes (konmari) for extra money apart from my regular job ☺

Elisabeth West says:

The link takes me to a quick thoughts survey app… is that right?

NaptimeNigella says:

Great ideas!! Will be trolling through our garage seeking items to sell, thanks for the motivation xx

Ami Q says:

I can’t see the link that shows me how much you make on you tube ?

Kids Fun Science says:

this is great information. I did not know this. thanks

Ali Robison says:

This was the perfect video THANK YOU ❤️ My little girl is due in early September and I’m staying home with her so this is great!

Christina T says:

can you do opinion outpost if you live in Europe? Thank you for the ideas! unfortunately most of these we can’t do from Europe 🙁

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