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Hehai_ says:


Nkechi Ukaogo says:

Same contents over and over again and besides it’s not easy to get the bid, competition is very high.

Yea Right says:

Enjoy your videos but quick question. I have been using Fiverr off an on for a few months now and have found some of the providers of services there to be decent but a lot of it to be poor quality to put it nicely. What happens when you win a bid and then use some Fiverr seller who either does a poor job or doesn’t do anything at all “which has happened to me a couple of times”? Not sure if Freelancer has a ratings board but if they do like Fiverr you could quickly be deemed a low quality provider of services yourself??

Mark Biggin says:

Great !

Lisa Johnson says:

What if they have questions or want answers?

Mark Biggin says:

Very cool Tyler – Appreciate! Do U think Canadians can participate in this as well ?

Circuit Masters says:


Jorge Hurtado says:

So how can i make 500 a day

Dispatch Express says:

This is a great video Tyler once again, thank you for sharing

J Prevatt says:

Are you saying take workers from Fiverr to put on Freelancers site? How to get paid from this if freelancer who wins bid isn’t doing the work themselves??

Erin Hood says:

Job dropshipping lol

Anshu Kar says:

hey @tyler …how to win the bid..??..thnks for this video..appreciate ur effort

C A says:

please make detail video on how to get frist work on freelancer site.. its not easy to get work.

Mujtaba Hashmi says:

Dear sir i bid almost 19 to 20 hours a day but i never got any project it’s very very hard to win the bid. Give me any suggestions please only need your little support sir…..

Denise W. says:

What happens if the client wants their money back for any reason?

Charles Ntima says:


Jorge Hurtado says:

Best app

go_johnny_ go_ says:

Third lol. Good helpful advice

Kaloyan Helper says:

When you win the bid you pay 150 dollars and if they pay them 100 dollars what.

Angelique Gilbert says:

You always have excellent quality videos! I truly appreciate the different options that you present daily. You give us the idea and it’s our job to find and do the details !! Love it ! Thank you

Fidelina Cabrera says:

Hi Tyler do you assist people when they need help?

Arshad Malik says:

Great video Tyler didn’t think this way. This earning method can be called arbitrage. Or may be dropshipping. Think of it as why Sony has their factory in Malaysia or in Taiwan. So Fiverr is our Taiwan 🙂 Tyler don’t get me wrong, this info is for those who still seems to be confused. I mean come on man you are a middle man. It doesn’t mean because Tyler said to get $250 so you will stick on it. You are a middle man. Be humble. Lower your expectations. Instead of 250,win the bid for $105. And let Taiwan work for you. Still you will be in $100 profit. Lower your bids, get 5 of such expensive tasks, I am sure you will make $500. Our job is just to cross connect. If it’s still seems difficult, probably leave it and try something else.

michael guadagno says:

Please send me any at home money making I’m a single dad it’s very hard my kids think a I’m a super hero I can’t let them.down I do everything with them a job I can do from home.e will give me even more time home please send me anything like that I’m working write now sorry gota be so quik thank you

Jorge Hurtado says:

On my phone

Product Reviews By Scorpion Cat says:

The fiverr job says 1 min of editing for $10.

TReasoN Gaming says:

My question is.. What about if you don’t have the Money to pay the person from fiverr. I know you didn’t say it was no start up. But I’m just asking.

Eduard Del Mar says:


Frank K says:

An issue and a question.
You can’t take the max amount they are paying. That’s why there is a range. Maybe he will not pay the max?
Also why don’t the freelancers go to fiverr and find the workers themselves? This strategy doesn’t work as well or as easy as you make it sound.

samy mourad says:

very smart…thanks a lot.

Rodney Funches says:

How does the bidding system works ?

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