Quit your job (create your own income) I make money at home. You can too. Plan first

You are not married to your job. No need for loyalty to an employer when your happiness is on the line. Be happy. Free yourself. Work for self. Create your own income. Quit your job. Happiness is the motivation. Delvin Fowler


Erik Schmunzeler says:

wise words

Rich James says:

I can’t hold a job longer than a week without not going

Mr.FowlPoet says:

Aye bro i love this video lol we got the same last name too. Im really boutta try to do this i got 2 kids and a wife. I FEEL YOU… can we chat somehow sometime for more encouragemwnt/advice… God bless

Beardz brothers leather goods says:

Real talk bro , this is why I created my brand , study marketing and branding an jackpot.

Dr. Testosterone says:

You cant just quit, you gotta plan first, etc., and once he or she has a plan and so forth to support oneself to cushion his or herself, and have some sort of income coming ina different way then quit, but dont just quit unless its very bad like a toxic work environment, etc.

73838 6474 says:


Jay Mak says:

great video man 🙂

WonderCrave says:

Thank you so much for this video. I think I was led to watch this.

mrbass093 says:

This shit hit me in the chest bro, thank you.

Ricardo ryan Govender says:

i am a qualified electrician with technical college qualification with 8 years experience and we get paid 7,69 DOLLAR per hour in my company
in south africa …the job entails fixing complex factory machinery that make pharmaceuticals packaging machines ,building electrical panels ,motors pumps, circuits fault finding , working from 6 am to 2pm and 7;30am to 4;30pm and 2pm to 22pm …..call out for breakdowns any aprt of the night after working 7;30am to 4pm then going home and being called out any part of the night to go fix problems and must be at work next morning.No over time paid ,we have to take off hours yet when you refuse to work extra hours they threaten to fire us for not taking instruction . and when we need to take leave , many questions are asked and leave is denied due to work loads . NO medical aid paid ,retirement ect is deducted from your own salary and nothing is contributed by the company . …………….And no promotions offered , because preferences are given to other races ….first ………..that is how things are in south africa

Dr. Testosterone says:

You got $13.00/hour is better!, unlike working in a fast food restaurant, etc.
But I understand about the traffic.

Dr. Testosterone says:

Join the military!

ihoopx24 says:

Man :/ I’m to my edge I’m ready to quit.

jessie justus says:

Just passing by the ATL on 75…killer… I dont know how y’all do it!

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