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Josh King Madrid commonly known as @jetsetfly, is a serial entrepreneur, marketing specialist, and founder of Team Jet Set, a movement of the top up-and-coming entrepreneurs in today’s generation led by the world’s most influential millennial entrepreneurs.

Josh is the host of The Dropout Degree, a podcast show top-ranked as one of the top 100 Business Podcast In The World on iTunes.

An avid hustler, at only 19 years old, he has created a massive online-empire and is responsible for creating over $1M in revenue. Josh has built and sold multiple online businesses.

Josh is ranked as one of the Top Influencive Influencers of 2017. He has risen to social media notoriety after he decided to share his story online.

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Jiovanni Juliette says:

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Jay Jay says:

I’m taking notes

Anecia Eden says:

I’m taking notes

Michael Taylor says:

I’m Taking Notes.

Instagram Diamondrolls says:

#viral keep doing yo thing bro (sadness)

Charles S says:

I never have been able to sell things because my parents always were scared of bills not being payed…. should I just disregard my mom and start investing into things like this??

Mike Kemper says:


CWeezy YT says:

I’m taking notes

Glam T Plus 3 says:

I’m learning I just started following you guys trying to learn how to make this money.

Jordan Beaupre' says:

I’ taking notes my man

FiFAViDZ4You says:

this video deserves to be reported you say easy way to make money in 24 hours and then you start with this is no get rich quick scheme…. GTFO blackman

789irvin says:

Where is he? City?

Megan rogers says:


SSJ3 Broly says:

FT1 <3

Renata Lazcano Silva says:

Taking notes! You are an inspiration!

Chad Norman says:

to drawn out…

Jordan Beaupre' says:

Though this is what I do

LowLifeCastro says:

I’m taking notessss

richard garcia says:

not poker table cause you already saw it

Julia Johnston says:

I’m taking notes

Yacht Charm says:

I’m taking notes

Pris Pris says:


Nadim Vlogs says:

Just binged watched a lot of your videos and they have got me so motivated for 2018

richard garcia says:

lol sorry you said pool table hahahahaha

Matthew Wiley says:

Im on the toilet

Justin Wallner says:

Taking notes bro great stuff

Pris Pris says:

I’m taking notes

faisal khan says:


PROquickscope360 says:

Of course the one time i wanna show someone XD

Improve says:

(Video starts at like 10 minutes) Im js you dont need to spend the whole half of the video reading the title over and over again and telling me why someone would want to make money… … You had us as “Make money 24 hrs guaranteed” …

FlippingDigits says:

letgo* app

Glam T Plus 3 says:

#Viral #viral #viral

TheLawnfellaGuy says:

Another good way to make money is doing gigs off of craigslist.

Charles S says:

Btw I am taking notes

Juwan Pryce says:

im taking notes

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