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In todays video I talk about how I was able to create a shopify drop shipping store from scratch and scale it to $800k in 5 months with facebook ads!

A ton of people ask me how to make money online in 2018 and I truly believe that dropshipping with shopify is one of the easiest ways to starting making money as a teenager!

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ryan hildreth

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Robin Randall says:

How do you pay yourself? Do you have to have separate accounts? Not sure how all that works yet.

richie reveley says:

Love the advise with testing and starting with 5-10 products. Amazing results with your $800k in 5 months store. Data is so important. Happy New Year James!!!

Dwight Perry says:

This is my plan

fatih coban says:


Valerie E. Hart says:

Hi James. I am trying to purchase Ecom Domination right now (it’s Saturday December 30, 2017 at 6:55 p.m. in Chicago). Clicking the above link brings me to a landing page advertising the course to be $497, soon to go up to $1,997. However, after logging into Teachable, the course is listed at $900.

OZONE says:

when you say you created a general store around the pasion niche? did you make it general like say it was called “best deals” and just added collections of different passions?


massive value here thanks James!

Dana dler says:

Is there any chance that I can get in touch with you?

Mohamed Touil says:

Hey James. Just want to ask you what are the best niches for dropshipping to go after in 2018, because the watches, bracelets niche got over saturated.


Alan Nicholls says:

I heard that if you are UK based, shopify payments need you to have a US address to set up and sell and take payments? Is this correct?


Hey man, can i get that access please to the course

rc maroc PRO says:

always amazing !!!
if i win i will make 1M$ in 1year
it would be my challenge

Alex Laugksch says:

Let’s get it let’s goooooo

Safwane Moukhtari says:

Valuable information

Akbar Yungai says:

Great content. James do you offer consultations

Mark Horrocks says:

Some good advice. Thanks http://mchjap.co.uk/

Miha Lopan says:

Great content as always! Can you please answer me on instagram? 🙂

Jamie Harris says:

Made $894 today! Goal was $1k but its okay not to hit goals, you just try again the next day.

MinD TraX says:

Great video James and have a great New Year, greetings Albert

Suzanne Everett says:

I have been enjoying your videos

B E K A says:

I like the glasses

MichaelMAC says:

Great tip, totally makes sense !!!

Peak Factor says:

congratulation for this figure

Mr J says:

What are your incomes at the moment? Do you still earn your money through aliexpress products? And do you still test 5-10 products everyday?

Filipe Valerio says:

I like the idea of testing first

Brian Welsh says:

What % of that is profit?

Jonathan Tawil says:

Going for that Tai Lopez look with glasses?

Man Thada says:

Great contents again, thank you James. What kind of daily budgets were you spending on testing 2-3 products over 2 weeks to find a winning product?

Alexx says:

Hey james. Which Conversion Pixel event do you recommend if you have a brand new pixel?
Nice Video:)

will m says:

Whats the song

Robert Russell says:

Would be STOKED on a deeper dive video with details into ‘Utilizing the Data’. Did $500 days with a product through December so this is exactly where I’m at. Want to use the data i’ve got in the best way possible to push for a 1st tier product in Jan.

Currently testing products in the same niche, but would love details on best ways to target with existing data and any other tips n tricks you’ve got for getting the most out of that sweet sweet data.

Dean Farebrother says:

Where do you start looking. There are so many products available on AE. How do you decided on a direction or niche?

jack smith says:

Killing it man

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