$580 In 2 Mins – AliExpress Dropshipping Trick

I’m putting money back in your pocket – watch this video and you can get upto $1000 a month net profit just by following my strategy.

Get back 7-10% of your spends on AliExpress as cashback – insane!

* CORRECTION: This Platform does WORK with ‘Oberlo Pro’. Not the free version, but the paid version.

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Please Note: The income shared in this video is a personal experience unique to Ritoban. Ritoban and his company, Flying Start Online, Inc. does not guarantee that you or anyone using these strategies will make the stated earning amount if you use Shopify. These are educational videos to help entrepreneurs – not income promises.

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Sameer says:

I think it very busy person even though u replied thanks so much

Art Gonzalez says:

your making money with affiliated links come on bro

sen kumar says:

I have started the journey with no sales yet.
i am watching your video….

videofocus100 says:

omg :/

Ashish Desai says:

Hiii sir I want to learn how it works? Please give me links how can I start this?

Entrepreneurs words says:

Waah ritoban ke video pe ritoban ki ad

Sameer says:

Hi nice video ,y don’t u make video in Hindi also so dat it helps lots of indians

Eng Lee says:

Rito can u make a video how u set up admitad? i am a newbie like to know much about this

Fall In Love with Animes says:

Fake video

Res Art says:

He probably still shits on the street

Piccolo Sama The God Of Destruction says:

Bullshit video as always, I will block him

Arjun Chauhan says:

Sir thori hindi me bhi explain kre plz

Anil Patel says:

bhai mujhe kuch idea djjiye i also want to start

Ayriz Tv says:

Why people buy from shopify store if same product is available on Ali express on low price??? My second question, Ali express will use their own packaging then why would customer accept the product, however customer had ordered from shopify store and expect the packing of same store .RITO please answer

Deepak Yadav says:

Speak in the right way kutte

deepak sharma says:

Sir, i doesn’t have gst registered website. And admitad is asking gst no. Also. What to do??


How can i contact you persnally

Amir B says:

my question: why people dont buy direct though Aliexpress, instead overpaying 500% above to dropshippers? can anyone explain this logic? why I will buy same thing that cost 1USD for 10USD on dropship store.

v care pharmacy says:

i would like to start dropshipping
i love to watch your vedioes


Sir toda Hindi mai smjhiye bahut se chhize confirm nhi hoti hai English mai….

nilu nilujan says:

Iam srilanka, this is work me????

Rishi Choudhary says:

Dif Ali express hide the price bill on the delivery packet

bubble says:


Varun Kumar Gupta says:

sir do you teach drop shipping I really need a coach…. preferable language is Hindi…. pls reply

Varun Kumar Gupta says:

One more thing I wanna ask that you have shown 1500$ per day is it real…. that means 108000…. it’s really impossible…

ye ho hi nahi sakta

SG vlogs says:

Hey Rito.. Give me ur email id.. I have some questions

Baby Juju says:

The accent though.. It’s like eating words

naveen gour says:

Hindi plz

pasindu maheshitha says:

https://www.bluehost.com/track/pasindu/ ……………..me site ekt ghin register wenna ita passe yluwekwa register kra gna yluwk register wenwta 100$ hmbenwa krl blna wda krnwnm link ek share krna

Hareesh says:

Rey Jaffa … you must consult doctor first…

mauricio caceres says:

Tai Lopez from India

RAhul Patkar says:

can u jst tell me in which video u made all practical details knowledge for shopify. I have seen ur more videos but i did not found .u tell in every video see in other video and when will see other video then again in that video meet to see same words.plz tell or give proper link where u made proper shopify video

Walter Clements says:

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrr rrrrrrrr rrrrrrito
My favorite intro

niks nik says:

More info on google ad words will give a lot more subscribers as it involves lesser cost than FB ad cost. 5 stars for your VDs ! awsome

Tsigie Mesfin says:

I need your energy!!

Manuja Nanayakkara says:

https://bit.ly/2LNaL9R Go see this link

Learner Rider says:

Rito! You are the actual best! I love watching your videos and you are so helpful with no BS. I am 1 day away from launching. I would love to invest in your products but I can’t afford them at the moment. Fingers crossed that I will make some money soon, watching your videos have helped me so much. Once I land my first sale I will let you no how much I am putting aside to start saving for zero up. BOOM! > All the way from New Zealand

Mix Videos says:

Common Panda is only for demo site I think,

Mz Yoda says:

lol great info and funny thanks a trillion!!

Dilip Patel says:

What is drop shipping?

Arien Tech says:

Hello sir, I want to start this business by making a wordpress store, how can I, please help. thank you

jensoncochin1 says:

Hey you are the next Ambani..

$580 in just 2 minutes
So the calculations would be…

$8700 in just 30 minutes.. (Rest 30 minutes let’s say you are making videos)
$2,08,800 in just one day…
$62,64,000 in a month…
$7,51,68,000 in one year!

Now I am not telling you how much it would be in Indian Rupees…

When you say something… please think about it with little logic… cracknut

dogs world says:

Teri ma ka bhonsda fake loude

Naved Qureshi says:

Please share your videos in hindi language for helping us

Monika Kościańska says:

i can’t listen you that hurt

Vishesh Katiyar says:

rito really likes this pornstar lol

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