6 Tips for Dropshipping with Aliexpress & Making More Money (w/ Adrian Morrison)

Learn our 6 tips for dropshipping with Aliexpress (with our special guest – Adrian Morrison).

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Tip #1 for Dropshipping with Aliexpress & Making More Money: Use Scarcity to Stop Customers from Price Checking & Buy from YOU

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Wholesale Ted is this:

“Why doesn’t the customer just go to Aliexpress and buy from there cheaper? Why would they buy the same item from you for a more expensive price?”

This is a good question, and there are two answers to this:

1) Most people do not know what Aliexpress is. Because you are watching this video you know what Aliexpress is and your friend group likely does. But most people in the world have not heard of the site. Your biggest competition is probably people dropshipping it on Amazon.com (oftentimes for a loss). However, you can still get people to buy from you because…

2) If you use scarcity to create the illusion in your advertising copy and your product page copy that they are getting a limited-time offer, you can encourage people to buy from you without price-checking your product price.

Tip #2 for Dropshipping with Aliexpress & Making More Money: Sell What Other People are Interested In

This tip comes from Adrian Morrison. When most people start dropshipping, they try to focus on niches that they are interested in. However, the niche that you are interested in is not what makes the most money. You need to research and find what products have demand.

If you find products that people want, then marketing is easy, because all you need to do is place it in front of them – no fancy advertising required.

Tip #3 for Dropshipping with Aliexpress & Making More Money: Pick the Right Supplier Based on Their Feedback

On Aliexpress you will notice that there are multiple sellers selling the exact same item. So a question we are often asked is this:

“How do I choose between Aliexpress merchants selling the exact same item?”

A good way to do that is to pick a supplier based on feedback. When you look at a supplier, you’ll see that they will have feedback icons. There are three types of icons: medals, diamonds and crowns. They indicate how much feedback each supplier has.

A good rule of thumb when selecting a supplier to work with is to pick one that has between 3 diamonds to 3 crowns. This is the “sweet spot.” They have enough feedback that they are an established, proven seller. However, because they aren’t in the top-tier of feedback scores, their prices are usually cheaper than suppliers with 4-5 crowns so that they can still compete with them for sales. We recommend staying away from suppliers with medals.

Tip #4 for Dropshipping with Aliexpress & Making More Money: Use Facebook as Your Traffic Source

Facebook is the easiest source of paid traffic: it’s where everybody is, and Facebook has collected an enormous amount of data. It means you can run small ad campaigns ($2-5 ad budgets) promoting products. Sometimes you don’t even need to use keyword targeting because of “Facebook Intelligence” – Facebook’s own internal algorithm that knows how to advertise products for you based on their own internal data.

Tip #5 for Dropshipping with Aliexpress & Making More Money: Negotiate with Suppliers for Lower Prices

When you start making consistent sales (50+ units a week, roughly 7 a day) you can start to negotiate with suppliers for lower product prices. Do not try to negotiate with suppliers until you have consistent sales, otherwise it will be considered rude and you will hurt your relationship with the supplier (reducing the chances that they’ll give you discounts in the future).

In the beginning, you will usually get a discount of between 5-10%. After awhile of selling consistently at that price, you can then come and ask for another discount. Doing this you can gradually decrease the cost of the item as you get further discounts, increasing your profit margins.

If the supplier won’t give you a discount, then you can go to another one and ask them to beat the price of your current supplier. You can then go to your preferred supplier you’ve been working with and ask them to beat THAT price. You can go back/forth, getting the merchants into essentially a bidding war.

As a newbie then, don’t just work with a supplier because they have the lowest price. Keep in mind that if you start making consistent sales with a more expensive supplier that has higher feedback, you can then negotiate their price to be competitive with cheaper suppliers.

Tip #6 for Dropshipping with Aliexpress & Making More Money: Use Free + Shipping Method to Create Viral Ads

Everyone loves free stuff. If you use free + shipping method, then your ads will attract a lot of likes/comments/shares and potentially go viral. You can then upsell them to higher-priced items with bigger profit margins.


Lý Nguyễn says:

So useful video! You have any video about how to evaluate a product on Ebay
? Many thanks 😀

smotv 100 says:

Thank you.

Steven Biker says:

Hi there, your website contact page wasn’t working so I could only contact you through this platform. Thanks for all the great videos! A quick question – On average, how long does it take to dropship an item from Aliexpress to AUS/NZ? Standard free shipping and ePacket times would be great. Thank you!

Rafael Santiago Toro says:

Hello , i don’t understand the tips number 4, how you make and ad, without targeting or use keyword..?? I mean, the system dont let you continue creating your ad if you skip this steps… By the way, Thank you! great vid!

Surrounded07 says:

I don’t know if I buy the “free” ploy. I’d see that a mile away and be like… “of course you’re going to make a profit, you add it to the shipping and “handling”. (although we don’t really use the word “handling” anymore). Do people seriously fall for that?

Vinay Singh says:

If I am adding any product on Amazon ,then it is asking for ISBN , IPC no. Kind of thing. So for that how could I get this no. For the product ,, as I can’t ask AliExpress seller for this no. .. . Can u please guide on this

hitomi shimatani says:

Hi,how could know what my customer’s interest is?what is their demand?and how could I use the facebook ads to enlarge my sales.

Mohammed Amine Ouriaghli says:

Hey Sara, Thnx again, just amazing videos and very good tips, but how to create those FB Ads that adrian was talking about without any targeting anything, i never knew that this is possible, is it possible to let facebook decide where to show ur ads ? based on what ?

Thnx a lot

Smite Melavin says:

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milen karadjov says:

your vids help alot. thank you

Muhammad Waqar says:

Adrian mentioned “Facebook chooses audience” how is that possible? is there a tutorial for better understanding?

noktum says:

When you make your facebook ad campaign, do you have to create a facebook fan page?

The pursuit of Peace says:

hello, I am in a real big problem. I am in bangladesh so i have problem with payment. shopify suggest 2checkout and mastercard payment gateway. i dont like 2checkout their price is high. how can i setup mastercard payment gateway please help

Anthony Gutierrez says:

No specific audience really?

Endy Hosea says:

Hi, i love watching your youtube channels. They are extremely useful to me. Please contact me as i need your advice regarding the dropshipping business I am working on. Thanks so much

LRASS2009 says:

are you British? your teeth sure are white.

David Elstob says:

Sarah, so is Adrian saying just post Facebook ads without defining the audience? It makes sense what he is saying, but most videos I’ve watched say pick the audience carefully.

The Opportunity to change your Life says:

Hello Is there a way to Setting up in Shopify my Aliexpress Affiliate link and how ?

Karim Bekkouche says:

i like your videos but this one. I tried aliexpress after so much doubt and it put me over 150 in the hole.

CrazyZachAttack says:

I know it’s a bit unrelated to the video. But do you have a video about clearance customs? Specifically to the US maybe? It’s rather confusing how to do that when I want to buy from alibaba and get it to my door step.

Derek Schoonmaker says:

Your videos have been really helpful getting me started. I’m beginning with Amazon drop shipping but would like to get more information on how you should brand yourself in that space. Do I need to worry about a business name and website if that is all I am starting with? Should I stick to a niche there or just anything profitable under one umbrella name? Thanks!

Crisy Here says:

Great video!
One question….the shipping is pretty long and expensive looking on the aliexpress product page. Do people usually wait that long for their products (7-21 days)? And the price is higher than some of the products. Or I’m I missing something. Anyone please inform me.

Olga Markaryan says:

Hello Sarah, quick question. I would like to know which TERAPEAK paid package would you recommend. I went through all, great variety of prices, so I would like to know with which do I continue working for the best and continuous results. Thank you in advance! And thanks a million times for all your help and lessons!

Felipe Edoardo says:

Adrian is hot, can I buy him on AliExpress?

Aaron Wroten says:

How do you facebook’s intellegence in your Facebook ads?

Rob Cowie says:

Fantastic video Sarah, very informative and Adrian was spot on. Thank you

MB4LUNCH says:

I want to drop ship New Zealand Deck Sealer. 🙂

Alaster Taylor says:

Hi, I just tried tip number 4 and im afraid it doesn’t work.
In theory its a great idea but Facebook comments “Your audience targeting is incomplete. Select at least one location, or choose a Custom Audience.” once I leave everything blank.. So no idea how Adrian is able to do that… Please explain. Thanks

MD Rafiqul Islam says:

send me a pdf please how can I start this.

svetozarkenshtain says:

Those eyes are killing me, so pretty! What do you get making those videos? What kept bothering me is … if it’s so profitable, why don’t you just do it instead of making tutorials?

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