Building A Brand Vs Shopify Dropshipping | The Fastest Way To Make Money Online

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In todays video I talk about shopify dropshipping vs building a real brand and what is the fastest way to start making money online. Learn the fastest way to making money with ecommerce in todays video.

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Emily Chao says:

Hey, We are sourcing agent from China, We offer Branding service,

adam matthews says:

Hahaha what a question, I counted it 29 times

chris maddox says:

Been doing the online thing for a while selling on Amazon since 2010 and doing both PL and RA both but trying to get out of RA it takes so much of my time up in a week, wanting to move to dropshipping so i can understand product selection better before we spend another 20K on PL products, that is what we spent on our last 3 PL products getting it custom made for Amazon and only 1 has sold pretty good and the rest is sitting and not doing much, i agree with everything you said on this video, i understand the process of getting a product made in China and custom packaging and importing from Sea Shipping, Just lacking the marketing skills and hoping if i dropship if can help me get some extra cash and i can learn marketing and Facebook ads at the same time, i have no regreats i learned lots from doing PL on Amazon but it has been costly for sure, Thanks for the great content 🙂

ShigenoriSuzuki says:

Hey James! I like how you’re realistic about dropshipping being a model that can kickstart other projects. This is totally my vision! Counted 25 “brand”, 2 “branding” and 1 “branded” 😉

RED COVE says:

You Said Brand 30 times

Ibrahim Hariri says:


Summer Hagel Agib says:

I heard “Brand” 27 times!

James Beattie says:

How many times did I say brand? Comment below to be in with a chance of winning Ecom Domination.

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Chiagozie Oramalugo says:


Tavares Duncan says:

What about dropshipping but at the same time showing your store as brand? Talking about that soon.

Nathan Hawe says:

You said “brand” 25 times and “brands” once. Great video though man, keep up the wicked content!

Prin says:

I am going to make a brand new brand after watching this video.

Love your vids James! 29 times 🙂

Hi there says:

A documentary for your journey of creating a company would be amazing!!!

Legacy Chaser says:

James I wouldn’t be where I am without your YouTube videos. I didn’t even buy your course because I had a limited budget. But I listened to your free advice and I saw progress ❤️

Yatin Miglani says:

29 times

Ryan Hogan says:

25x but 2 were “branding”. Anyway, great video as always man and hope all goes as planned with your new brand! 🙂

Passage of Palnoch says:

You said brand 29 times. Now I’m going to have to rewatch and take in all the other words!

Madison Henry says:

Valuable… access 4500 real clixs for 1$, sales-sales

Best videos says:

Hey James thank you for every thing you make. I want ask you about open a beauty dropshipping store it is good idea or no please answer me

Sergio Felix says:

Yes show us how your building a brand

personality cat says:

Hello I counted 19 for brand 2 for branding 1 for brands

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