The truth on making money dropshipping on Shopify in 2018.
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Redjam says:

During the testing phase do you film your own videos or edit videos from aliexpress/youtube/Facebook?

Otilia Simeon says:

Very true. You always give value. The secret is to have quality untapped products and fast shipping.

SoundScoutOne says:

I like your honest approach. Looking forward to Q4.

Stuart Moore says:

Dont now y you don’t show your store people need more than just youtube shows you dont explain how to sell in a different countries as well some how dont believe all the videos cheers

Oussama Chaouch says:


César Torres says:

Real content man!

Bon Lam says:

You r the best drop shipping guru out there – your content is simply gold. As a beginner, i find all your videos super helpful.

TypeRAguy says:

Tristan, I agree about the retargeting but in order to do so we obviously need the customers’ email. If they haven’t bought what do you use to collect email addresses?

ayoub bbx says:

Awesome video thank you

Ray Hamlet says:

If You Want To Stand Out Today
You Have To Do The OPPOSITE Of Everyone Else

Emily Chao says:

Thank you a lot Tristan, and good luck

National Health Institute says:

Fuck Lamborghini ..I’m getting a Bugatti bitch

Hasanuddin Abu Bakar says:

ooshit..i want a lamborghini

Dale Hansen says:

Thanks for this video. But what if the drop ship site you are using provides the videos? You saying to still produce your own? Wish I had that many hours in the day to do all of that. LOL

Prosper Arena says:

Want to boost your dropshipping sales by 400%?This powerfully designed program will get it done for you in minutes.Click here for access :

Arthur Melkonyan says:

You’re awesome bro, tnx for the tip

G&T HD says:

So At this point, do you think it’s important to have other businesses with ecom? Like have an agency aswell as multiple stores and brands to diversify income

Matt Planner says:

I agree it really is a terrible investment.

Pier-Olivier Marquis says:

How many views do I need to do retargeting? I am running retargeting ads and I get no impressions

Pete Jamieson says:

thanks again 🙂

MA AS says:

broski, i wanted to ask you about the credit card, i live in sydney so can you recommend me the best credit card that has %0 conversion fee and gives the most flyer points? much appreciated man

Radovan Šurlák says:

Thank you a lot Tristan, I really like your honesty and not bullshitting or being obnoxious or overly salesy.

Wish you all the best! 🙂

Mitch O'Brien says:

Banger! Is it legal to copy someone else’s video ad though?

jalabi99 says:

I don’t need Lambo money, I’m OK with VW Jetta money 😀

Sod says:

Hi Tristan, there are so many disingenuous people blabbering on about this subject.. thanks for the sober look you provide! Much appreciated indeed!

zodiacfml says:

I agree again with saturation which you mentioned in the previous video. I was procrastinating in opening my store as I knew there is something amiss. I should focus on products with little saturation. I easily know which products in Ali are droppshipped despite as a newbie in these stuff.

Aseanize says:

Maybe the truth about Lambo things in dropshipping is A lot of ecom guruh comes from miami, What A coincidence !

Zoran Rstic says:

Do you know some app pr extension that ca check how saturated is some product ? I found some but it het deleted ….

Stuart Moore says:

This is my store

Exploding Potato says:

I wish I could pay you to help me start making 6 figures a year 🙁

Jay Jay says:

Great stuff, I’m kind of worried about all the new people drop shipping.

Stella Jin says:

good points.i’m agree

John Nguyen says:

Thanks for video. @Tristan : Drop mode how come we have products in order to make the video ads. And if i makeup the supplier’s videos. And somebody also do that. Is it seem copied creative? 2- If i using the products pictures to make video as slideshow, is this good or not, better than using carousel type in facebook?

Andrew Nebeker says:

loved your video, thanks for being honest and love your accent

Tony S says:

Hey Tristan,love your videos . I get your point about overnight success but How realistic is to make 100 USD profit per day after 2/3 months with a 1000 USD budget.

All Year Charm says:

btw is it too early to be testing winter products?

Getitdoitliveit says:


Ron says:

Good points

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