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Thywordistruth Thywordistruth says:

love this man ,long life for you buddy

Snake Jones says:

You are the BEST Youtuber on ALL things Shopify! Blessings in ABUNDANCE to YOU, my friend! <3

Before&After Motivation says:

at 4:55, at the right, the post date is 25 december 2018. He is time travelling???????????????????

Zuneid Karimo says:

I HAVE A QUESTION! SO using this software, you also should start with PPE, what about starting with WC? is there any problem? cause i know that the product is a winner. i can go straight to WC or not?

Jay Reid says:

Dope video content man.. #keepgrinding

Brian Crizaldo says:

Can you make a video on how to advertise on Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and other platforms effectively please? That would be awesome

Gabe Superina says:

Hey I’ve been watching your videos for about a week now and I’ve watched 20+ videos but I’m still confused and it all sounds quite complicated. I don’t have a lot of money I don’t want to be wasting any of it. A response would be greatly appreciated. You have amazing content! Keep up the good work!

Leonardo Pazzini says:

Do you have instagram

Buylikemad says:

Thanks for the video, great info

Peter Max Trueba says:

what other Apps does this take the place of So I dont use them for no reason

Danielle Hoeksema says:

in your opinion, is the moon lamp product saturated?

MrCustomConcrete says:

First of all thanks for the info I appreciate it, I do have questions about this tool compared to Pexda, besides the slight difference in monthly price.
1.what makes this better?
2. Are the Products for the $20 a month all fresh hot products or 2 weeks old?
2. Is this just as user friendly as Pexda?

Crxsh says:

How does this tool compare to Pexda?

Ben Cawley says:

Have you every considered importing products in bulk to improve margins?

Fabiano Pina says:

Is this an app? I can’t find it on shopifys app store

yumi kim says:

New subscriber + notifications, hoLLaaaa! =] THANK YOU for the heads up on the tool! signing up using your link right meow… also, totally unrelated comment: You are adorable!<3

Hush Creative says:

Love the content!

Leonardo Pazzini says:

Hi how are you my name is Leo I really like your content is very good can you check my store and tell me what you think of it

Fabiano Pina says:

when you add a product from that website and not Aliexpress, whats the price difference? just wondering

Russell Clout says:

A true uplifting inspiration- Awesome

MrCustomConcrete says:

Who is using this tool Dropship Spy, wondering how it compares to Pexda at the $95 a month level… does Anyone have any info?

Georgian C says:

add me on fb please


Chris A says:

Thanks a Billion bro, this is exactly what I was looking for and hope it’s not late to start using this app

Zenith Gaming says:

It would be useful to know if anyone has actually had any good results from following purely the information provided in this software. If not, then it’s not really any better than Pexda. Just interested.

Fabiano Pina says:

Thank you, I’ve been saying you’re a special youngun’ Hahaha. Great job again!

Ussy Ussy says:

for the first time i will comment from my heart this is really helpful thank u

Vamsi Mohan says:

KUDOS to you buddy ! Superb mentoring, I would say 🙂 Thanks a ton brother.

Mahogony Kiss says:

Whats your coupon code adamthomas7 doesn’t wrk…

Brandon Murphy says:

I just signed up and creating ad as I type. Whats your update?

Mahogony Kiss says:

This site is weird…i put my card in three times it rejected it.then i contacted customer service they said a few words then disappeared….is this some type of scam??

Marli van Heerden says:

How saturate will the market be if everybody runs the same ads from the same software ?

Dylan says:

Haha funny this tool does nothing except filling your pockets with money

LifeTrend says:

but can you find products in a specific niche…

dave crocker says:

adam ive seen this a while back and its awesome…but when you said to put “tag friends” isnt that now considered engagement-bait by FB? or is that not for FB ads? can you clarify this because whilst i’m still getting many ads with this bait in it, i also see the ads a few times and so FB isnt removing them or downgrading them it seems. … love the vids mate. keep em coming 🙂

Mahogony Kiss says:

why doesn’t customer service respond? tell your subscribers they need to have a need code or your link dosent wrk.

Lucy says:


Lukas Sundgaard says:

Anyone with experience with dropship spy and tell me what they think of it?

Valerie Johnson says:

i am looking for your link so you can get credit for me signing up for shopify i am checking all your videos

Randy Your Car Guy says:

Has anyone had any success using this tool? Seems like a lot of people selling the same products. I love the idea of it. Thanks for your help.

Zach Williams says:

This video made me subscribe and hit the notification bell. So much value in one video. Wow!

gsp the the chosen one says:

do you still have to test different audiences or not?

OneCoin Mastermind says:

fukin hell. excellent job mate

Mr. MechX says:

I paid $4 for 500 Instagram influencers list , i havnt received it yet , my email is

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