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Business With Marcion says:

hopefully buying the course tomorrow, hyped

Marcos Millet says:

I can’t get my first sale. Obviously not gonna stop, but starting to get worried. Any nice person/people out ere wanna help?

Brando says:

Which link is for website creation ?

Beyondall thelimits says:

killing it bro!

Diego Morales says:

Hey Thaddeus! I’m trying to buy the Fashion Influencer List through gum.co but it won’t let me. Do you mind if I send you the payment through Paypal Instead?

F.I.N.E Forever Is Not Enough says:

Clients, lol, really? You don’t have “clients” you have customers, shoppers, patrons or even consumers but “clients” are people or businesses who are using the service(s) of a lawyer. If you’re peddling luxery goods you’re probably goning to be dealing with well educated people. Well educated people will laugh at you for being the poser that you are. Sorry to be so harsh but better you hear it from me than one of your CUSTOMERS. If you want to live in that world then learn the language so you’re not the laughingstock of the party. Otherwise, not bad for a kid. You’re on the right path.

JetSetFly says:

Ba ba ba bizzzz NESS

Kayachi says:

Yo thaddddd

Alex Reitz says:

Can you make a video on how to deal with clothing sizes from ali express products. Some of them are in US size and others are in Asian. What is the best way to set things up? Should we put a sizing box in the description or just leave the sizes there and tell the customer it is in US size?

Michaelangelo Hernandez says:

Went through your course content. Didn’t see anything on Facebook ads. Do you mention this at all in your course?

Washed HypeBeast says:

How old do you have to be in order to do all of this? I’m 15 and I want to start. I’ve tried several times and I need help, but I cannot afford your class. If you have any suggestions please let me know, I’ll appreciate it. Thanks

Armen M says:

This is a helpful video bro

Alton Guyton says:

Do you mind letting the discount run till Friday ??

Joseph Villagracia says:

Been in your course for a month and haven’t got inside the fb group yet, gave you an email awhile back and I still got no response from you my man.

Brando says:

Thaddy! I’m trying to go to FREE guides link but it says email list not active.

Humour Kids Vines says:

is pet supply are a good niche ? and if it s plz help find influencer in that industry ?

Youtube Kanal says:

What do you think about https://www.shoptimized.net/theme/ Shoptimized theme? Is it worth buying?

Tundra Varg says:

One thing I been finding difficult is sometimes to find products that aren’t packaged with something that says “made in china” which is a major turn off. How do you deal with that? You just look at the pictures people post in the reviews and look if they aren’t ugly packaged? Just wondering. Thanks in advance.

Mudassir Ali says:

*My parents won’t let me start a website until I finish my highschool ,my final exam is in March hopefully I pass ,if I don’t I would have to wait one more year ,i failed so bad in 1st exam In maths I got 6 out of 80 marks ,do you think a dumb person like me will succeed in this*

Gabriel says:

Is Facebook pixel and Facebook ads the same?

Desarai says:

How long before you switch from IG to Facebook

Shak Samuel says:


If yes, Dm me on IG @avoxfit

Josiah Nikkel says:

Hey for POD can you make links for models to post on their page to be able to tell who bought what from their link? Or is it just a code?

Sharon Jay says:

hey! Quick question – do you recommend using a business account for your store’s instagram?

Alfred Bobb-Baxter says:

Yo Thaddeus, I bought your course this morning and I can only access the intro and the second part. How can I unlock the rest of the course?

george boss says:


MarcusAurelius38 says:

I gotta report this as abuse bro cause you’re ABUSING MY MIND WITH KNOWLEDGE.. no but for real do u think you could put enough insight into a vid when 500k-1M+ influencers are bringing like less than 30 views for that shoutout that day? I thought I did my homework on the stats for the pages but I’m obviously doing something wrong bro

NERD Lifestyle says:

Thaddeus I went from never made any money online for 3 months and I felt so discouraged and than I got your course and launched my site and made 53$ in 4 hours of launching my site thank you so much

EDIT:Just hit my first 100$ day

Mickey Gezaw says:

You energy is amazing bro..on 2:40am how will to be at 2:40pm?:)

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