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Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_FmUV3Sc0A


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Gloria George says:


windyrain storm says:

you are not discussing specifically about dropshipping you are mostly talking about what you get

HarmlessGames says:

Ive been drop shipping for about 3 months, I’m making $20,000 a month.

Okwudilichukwu Nwawuzie says:

People are still skeptical about buying online and for the ones that do buy you wouldn’t make profit from them because the margin between the the actual price in the market and what you would add to make a profit will make them ignore you they will rather just go to market and buy,we have online shops that work but they mostly sell products they put up with agreement from companies,they buy in bulk so the profit making chances are there for them but you put stuff on their site to sell and add the delivery fee the price goes up and no one looks at it twice.We. have a general notion that It should be cheap online


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President of Science says:

Nice humble brag. Surprised by how many kids liked this video.

Clean Hustle says:

You have no idea how inspirational this is to me. Thank you.

wtf says:

I’m making 40million a month

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Britney Mcintosh says:

I love ur fucking team

Ornella Bella says:

I always see guys where the females at making BREAD

Sadrac Ernest says:

lowkey just disrespected the army “its not changing the world” Gtfo

Jessy Singh says:

Hilarious how I was watching this and in the middle of the video there was an Ad that said “Drop shipping is dead” lmao

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Wahram Sarkisjan says:

This is all bulshit. You make 10mil in one year and still you want to make money be teaching people how to dropship? (selling people information). if i woud make 10mil a year i woud not make stupid videos i woud be in bahamas chilling. This is bulshit people.

king piece says:

I got 1000 dollars how can I start

Greatest Ever says:

But how can i be a part of your team?

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Frederik Thorsen says:

Its funny how they make millions and sell their website help/making for 500-1000 dollars. I bet you this is how they made most of their money. Selling you a product they cant guarantee will work for you.

Shak Bap says:

I don’t understand how teaching this on YouTube profits your business are you just a nice person or does this help you in some way

Joe Prosser says:

Can you help me start bro

Bynx says:

I’m 16 how get I get in this

K B O O M I N says:

I’m 16 years old and about to start drop shipping

Chelsea Marie says:

I really need to do this

Emmanuel adedeji says:

Hey bro what’s up I hope all is great with you and business. I don’t know if you will even view this but it’s worth a shot. Bro I just turned 17 I know over time things will get better but I already know what I want to be in this life I want to be an entrepreneur. I need someone that can help me and point me to the right direction. I have been reading a lot but I have no idea of where to start, I can work for you until I learn enough to be on my own. Please bro help me I’ll be forever grateful. My email is adedejiemmanuel2019@gmail.com thanks

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#TEAMJETSET I want to level up 🙂

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Please show me the ins outs please explain the job thanks

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the unstoppable try hard says:

Have anyone tried this out yet if so can you tell me your experience with it

Jonathan Suryana says:

hire me please

John Obela says:

Am interested in the business and most especially I need a mentor to guide me through,here is my whatsap +2348023872263,hope to hear from you soon.thanks

Ava Greaves says:

tell me how can i do this ?

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