How I Lost $8,000 With Shopify AliExpress Dropshipping!


Is Shopify dead? Is Shopify legit? Is Shopify A Scam? These are the questions you’re probably asking so before you take the leap here’s how AliExpress almost ruined my dropshipping business which also made me lose over $8,000! Watch the video to find out how to prevent this from happening to you.

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Damon Wright says:

hey ebenezer do you use clickfunnels for your page or just your regular product page?

Bluegrass Arts Anne says:

Thanks for being nice and helpful, and not another frat boy showing off your car

F ALAN says:

Very helpful video

Mike Kass says:

Brooo thank you for this video

Richard Bernard says:

Quick tip, don’t take so damn long wit the intro and don’t fucking tell me to subscribe when I haven’t seen shit

Jahmez Lite says:

Hello, My name is Officer Lite with the IRLPD. An add for “marker’s edge” popped up before your video. Is this collusion? Please let me know your plea.

Captain Voluntaryist, The Statist Slayer says:

Say 100 people placed an order. Do you make 100 individual purchases on AliExpress and manually send the items to 100 different addresses one by one by yourself?

Brianna Glenn says:

Why did you delete your other google shopping videos/tutorials?

Steven von Hofsten says:

Could you make a video on Google Shopping campaign optimization?

Ebenezer Frimpong says:

Lol sorry if I sound like I am talking very fast…this was recorded after I came back from the gym at 2-3 am…

Jon Adkins says:

Helpful stuff, thanks man!

Casual Ecommerce says:

same shit happened to me lol fortunately I figured out that you needed to verify Alipay right away so I got it taken care of quickly, they verified me in under 24 hours, guess I was lucky..

A I says:


Drop Ship Queen says:

Easy way to fix this to order in bulk… There is a way to do it with oberlo and also a way to do it via CSV file. Just ask your supplier if you can send bulk drop shipping orders.

TimboSlice083 says:

I don’t know why I watched this I don’t use Ali Express. Good video though. 🙂

Zac O'Brien says:

I didn’t click the ‘You can verify your identity for a higher payment limit’ link when I first signed up with Alipay. Is there a way to verify AFTER creating an account? I tried using the URL in the video, but it gives me a 404 error.

omeezy95 says:

I love your content bro. HONESTLY SOME OF THE BEST THERE IS. wish I could work with you.

Eric Masese says:

Wow , I just signed up on Ali express , excellent advice !

Meir Fox says:

Thanks so much for the post. I’m not on Ali yet, but you saved me a few swear words.

Marcel Mbeleg says:

Hey sorry for this stuff happened to you, great video no ONE say it before you in all dropshipping training, thank you guy

Mike Liebner says:

Very helpful! Thanks Eb! Those people are so messed up. I had a hell of a time adding a 2nd credit card. I couldn’t even tell if I was verified but thankfully you provided the URL. I just submitted thanks to you.

Durex Condoms says:

1 minute of complete bullshit

Divine Boafor says:

Thanks, Charley

litsip admin says:

Yo thanks bro. And what’s that fire track at the end?

Jamie Cain says:

Great info. Thanks for sharing!

J P says:

I am going through this right now. Even after sending multiple documents, they are rejecting it without any clear explanation.

Carmen xx says:

Hi Eb, helpful tip, subscribed!

Enigma JD777 says:

This is some valuable information

Marco Rodriguez - The eCom Project says:

That sucks about as much as PayPal holding ~$15k of your funds for 180 days

Garen1 says:

This was a very good point, I wish you titled your vid something close to the issue so ppl looking for that would find u !

Risen Hype says:

Hey man, out of curiosity would you be willing to shoot me a msg? I have some questions for you about drop shipping with Ali 🙂 Also you uploaded this video on my b day <3 ahaha

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