How I Made $20k In A Day Dropshipping At 16 Years Old


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FTF Skater says:

Wait what do you sell lol I just stumbled onto your account

Tucker Smith says:

Go to my blog to see ways to make money without having to work a boring 9-5.

405 Shooter says:


Soccer Casual says:

You have childish face

AlexG3 says:

Where did you find these influencers?

Winning Family says:

What do I have to do for a shoutout

P Ray says:


Yes It's Me says:

BULLLLLLLLSHIT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously don’t fall for this horse shit!

Landon Aron says:

He looks like Jacob Satorius

DaIeDenton says:

Bro you made like $1000 in that day. Please don’t sit there acting like a genius… I make over 100k a month in sales and my nets are about 18-20k.

Uzair Khan says:

How can i start this

Adude2009 says:

How do you get started? I”m constantly looking for a way in but don’t know where to start.

Nathaniel's Phone says:

Damn boi you’re killing it. I could be your dad yet you’re passing your lessons to me.

Dash Music says:

What is that music song ? Some1 pls answer!

13 & Up says:

Hi, I have a shopify store. the website: l literally can’t make any profit. I have a lot of customer traffic to my store and I started in February but I have no profit. idk what I’m doing wrong?? btw I’m 15

Blake Watts says:

Well that’s a bunch of bullshitt

Bensomore says:

had to shut down my first store, but this shit works, finally started making bank with this

Bluevelle says:

I have tried to do this but absolutely no buyers.

bajra Kota says:

watching youtube and earn money in very easy way and proved! they send the money

Hn_YnSs says:

nice video, but it may be hard to start without salehoo, its almost free and powerful tools, as a salehoo costumer I really recommend it, if u interested click here:

ITzFusionYT says:

This is definitely not real

Jacinto Monstro says:


Mr. Macaroni says:


Luke Lecter says:

Epic man! You are awesome, I hope I can learn from you
#Keep shipping

Jacob Bedros says:

Bro I’m 15 and I’ve tried getting loans from family but no one will believe in my crypto how would you convince an Arab family to loan you money (and I think you Arabic like me lol) and so ive invested 1900 into NCASH and I’m waiting on the $50 price hopefully in 2-4 years to make 3 mil and live the Arab dream of owning liquor stores and living in California

Dan Arden says:

born into money?

Riven says:

When i make my money, I’m saving it and getting me and my parents out of this house, they deserve better. Nothing will stop me

mohammed mushtaq says:

Hello dude
Interested in doing dropshipping
Could u pls text me on my watsap number
+91 7204947862

Roddie Latrice says:

Can you teach me

amr elsaka says:

since 2005 SaleHoo has helped over 137,000 customers successfully start
online businesses on eBay, Amazon and their own online stores

Uros Zivkovic says:

Guys I swear I just got free $8391 real money from this amazing website: (just go to)=>

jonnyreb3000 says:

Why are u still in school & making youtube videos if your making 20k a day?

Artus Kalon says:

Sell your free bandwith for money:
You basically sell your unused bandwith and they prevent ddos attacks in exchange and you get paid for it.

Chlorine Bleach says:

Teach me, sensei.

BackSeatDriver says:

Lies lies lies little boy

Tom and Hannah says:

You all realise that’s total sales and not profit? He still could be making a loss, Or slight profit.

Luis Lugo says:

What do u sell ??????

Maik Lok says:

Well Where is your website?

Numan Ahmed says:

How did you get your paypal back? They can be really annoying when you suddenly get a lot of money coming in.

Edsilvacunha says:

It’s hard to believe who is making huge money come on YouTube to make videos.

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