How Many Listings To Make $1000 a Month eBay Drop Shipping

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For the US, check out Paul’s Course

Drop Shipping Software – I highly recommend this listing and tracking software!

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Buyer Noticing The Receipt/ Invoice –
Understanding eBay Fees –
Dealing with Returns –
What Products To Sell –
Optimising Titles –
PayPal Jail –

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Listing Software – I highly recommend this listing and tracking software!
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(I do not use DSGenie but it will be helpful if you struggle to find items that sell well)
Hydra Lister, an alternative listing software-
Make Money Online With Matched Betting (UK only) –


David turbo says:

Damn you’re sexy .

Norma Salgado says:

I only can list 10 items per months on ebay :/? How can i get more listings ?

Axle Gallardo says:

On this video, are you pertaining to Ebay Us or Ebay Uk or both?

No BS Drop Shipping Training says:


Pilot Nathan says:

Black Becky are you single?

DerClaudius says:

Just found your channel – Howdy!
What do you use to keep track of sources running out of stock or changing prices?
Any other essential software?

Mariel Quirós Castro says:

Becky did you buy a stealth account or did you grow your limits?

Erik Kailiuli says:

Hello Boss Girl. Thank you for all the info. What kind of shipping do you offer in your listings? Two day handling? Standard shipping? Thanks again 🙂

Joe Rite says:

Hi Becky, how did you manage to make $500 dollars in your first month when your starting listing limits are so low? Thank you.

h a says:

Do you recommend having a store if your listing over 1000 items? Just curious because I know jack said insertion fees can get a little crazy with so many listings.

James Coleman says:

How do you get the ability to list so much stuff? i can only list 100 and i’m a long time seller on ebay

José Bellido says:

Hi Becky, what software do you use?
I just need a price tracker I guess, because I’m optimizing myself all my listings.

Meera Kharbanda says:

Hi Becky you have a very natural style and motivated me to give this a go (when previously I just didnt pursue it). Thanks!

cwbolton122 says:

Completely agree, i have 104 listings and i make well over £1000 a month, good video, theres no magic number!

Joe Rite says:

HI Becky, I remember you stated that liked Hydra Lister. DO you still find it useful for your number of listings? Thanks!

lee davis says:

Hi are you using SKU grid?

Lisette Q says:

Not to be weird or anything, I’m a female, but you are so beautiful. This is a good video too, thanks!

Nickel Tabs says:

you are at No BS Drop Shipping Training house, thought you where in the UK

MR Alfred says:

Is’t it stressful listing a thousands items?

charlene judd says:

Becky you just answered it.your listings in the month with 1200 listings gave you $1200 u.s. dollars

john boocock says:

no i have 917 listings and work at 36 perc on top of cost and just lost top seller status all my listing are through hydralista and top sellers through asinpector pro

Angel Sierra says:

love your videos

Josh Clemons says:

Great video! I agree 100% the only thing I will add is in my opinion the better you are at what you do (in our case ebay) the easier it is to have a educated guess at a certain profit on a certain amount of listings! I think that taking massive daily action really helps better predict 🙂 Also do you have a Facebook or somewhere we could connect?? To share ideas & talk from time to time, it’s nice talking with like minded individuals with similar goals in mind! Thanks

Freestyle Football says:

i make 1000$ with 150 listings

Indunil Maduwantha says:


Rich Price says:

In this day and age, $3000/mo. is still peanuts.

Jonathan Gutierrez says:

I started dropshipping 2 days ago with a 5000 listing limit lol luckily I’ve sold a couple of things in the past.

Rich Price says:

$1000/mo. is peanuts.

Jazz Boi says:

I think I wanna marry Becky cause she can take care of me and be my sugermommy

swanned co says:

Nice video. I make £1000 from every 100 listings and one more thing – using license or my own photos. It takes a lot of time to order all of this stuff and bring it to professional looking level, sending back or directly to customer, but it’s better safe than sorry. Usually 2 sales are enough to cover the postage costs. Online arbitrage with license+own images, solid research & best arbitrage tools is a real deal! No violation of the rights of the creator or rights holder, no underpayment jobs more – just constantly safe income.

Heroad Mederick says:

Very Informative

R Perry says:

Good job!

Optimus Gamer says:

Thanks, I currently sell my own products on eBay but trying out dropshipping. I have a 2800 listing allowance a month (or £20,000), I’m addicted to it all so that’s my advantage I guess as it’s a hobby. I now have myself software to let me know of any price changes on drop shipping. I’m going to list up as many products as I can that I think will sell, build it up each month

john boocock says:

I got 800 listing but not selling a lot i use asinspector pro any ideas to help been doing it 6 month

TheyDontSee says:

Do you use just a regular ebay seller account or pay a subscription for an actual store?

Rebecca Allen says:

Hey great video. What cashback sites do you use?

Keith B says:

Hi Becky, Great video. Looking fwd to your ‘speed listing’ one.

Ramzi HA says:

how to deal with paypal hold ?

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